Monday, December 29, 2008

It was a very Merry Christmas!

The weather outside might have been frightful, but it was DELIGHTFUL having all of us here for Christmas! Melinda got in on December 19. Bret and Laura flew in on December 21st. Lynette arrived on December 23. Both Melinda and Lynette had delays in their flights due to the weather but they got here safe and sound, that's what's most important.

Since Lynette's flight was so late getting in and the roads were a bit dicey and icy, Melinda and her boyfriend picked Lynette up and both Melinda and Lynette spent the night at Carynn and Jamie's place.

So since we weren't all here until Christmas Eve we ended up squeezing a whirlwind of activities into that night. We started the festivities with a wonderful turkey dinner. Carynn cooked the turkey, Carynn and Lynette did all the trimmings, Laura set the table and I had made the pies. We were minus Melinda and Landan for dinner-but had Jamie's brother, sister-in-law and their little girl here.

After dinner we played games, some of us read, dyed their hair, or watched Christmas movies. We waited to decorate the tree until Melinda got back. So when she and Landan returned we jumped into overdrive--the Decorating Dancers had a few moves to share, then it was Bret and Laura's turn to put the angel on the top, and the rest of the tree decorating began in earnest. We also listened to Polar Express, had hot cocoa, and read the Christmas story from the scriptures. It was late by the time we all got to bed. Carynn, Jamie and Ty spent the night so they'd be here Christmas morning.

Christmas morning it was no surprise that Ty was the first one up. He breakfasted, and started to get into the Christmas presents, but we were able to sidetrack him until everyone got up. We investigated our Christmas stockings (We were all remembered-no coal for us!), had our traditional ham, potato rolls and orange juice for breakfast and then Ty (with help from his mom and dad) opened up his gifts as it was starting to get time for his nap. After Ty went down for his nap (he looked really cute in his plaid Christmas jammies) we "adults" unwrapped our gifts. It was a fun morning.

The rest of the day was as low key as we could make it. All of us (except Ty) participated in our annual Biore Fest. We all looked "stunning" wearing our Biore nose strips. Carynn, Jamie and Ty went home later that evening since Jamie had work the next day. Our biggest concern has been the weather as we've had more snow the past two weeks than I think we've had the past two years-sure seems like it anyway. We've all been able to get where we needed to safe and sound. We haven't had as many outings as we might have due to the weather/road conditions, but that hasn't mattered as the most important thing was spending time together.

Lynette flew home Saturday, Bret and Laura Sunday and now the snow has started in again. Sigh.....

It was a very Merry Christmas!


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Box Boy

It's been interesting watching Ty discover new ways to maneuver himself. Last week it was about getting onto and off of his riding toys. He would lift his leg over but he kept ending up facing backward. So he would problem solve that by getting off of the opposite side and swinging his leg back over. Michael called it a three step process. I'm sure he'll make it a one step process sometime soon.

This week it was about boxes. Carynn had placed an empty box on the floor. It was a perfect size for Ty to climb into since it was only about six inches tall. It didn'thave a top and since it was so shallow he would bend over holding onto the sides of the box and step in and then sit down. It was a snug fit but he enjoyed doing it.

Ty's very inquisitive and quick! I mean not only can he move quickly, but he learns quickly. I think he's very bright. I know I'm prejudiced since he's my grandson, but he's always been very much aware and interested in what's going on around him. I can almost see his thought processes click when he understands something or figures out how to do something.

Oh and we still play the game where I give him two spoons to play with whenever I feed him. He always smiles when I do that. (I still sing the Ty Michael song to him when no one is looking.)


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mood swings

Last night Ty made a guest appearance at our Ward Christmas party. It was funny to see his mood change drastically the closer her got to Santa (portrayed by Brother Ransom) from happy to crying/scared. As he was moved away from Santa the tears dried and all was well. (He did like the candy cane though.)

Tonight when Michael and I stopped by their house Carynn and Ty answered the door. Ty started laughing and was so ecstatically happy to see us (especially Papa). That got us laughing and then he was laughing. It was great.

The mood pendulum went the other way when it was time for Ty to go to bed. He wasn't a happy camper. He needed to go to bed though. Sundays are often difficult since nap times often conflict with meeting schedules. He settled down and I know he'll feel much better in the morning.



Thursday, December 4, 2008

The green-eyed monster

Wait, before you think I'm talking about our little sweetie Ty, I will fess up and tell you that I'M THE GREEN EYED MONSTER and here's why:
We were so glad when Carynn, Jamie and Ty got back home so we stopped over to see them briefly on Monday. It was a great visit. Ty played with his toys, with us, though he seemed to prefer his grandpa. I didn't let that bother me though.

Well Wednesday, they (Carynn and Ty)came over to our house. Carynn made some delicious brownies using our most favorite calorie laden recipe. Ty played with grandpa, had a snack, banged the spoons I gave him and showed a DECIDED preference for his grandpa. Carynn said that he does that because Michael (Papa) gives him all the things he's not supposed to eat or drink (like pop,brownies, etc.). Well we decided to do the "Who Will He Go to Experiment" to find out.

For Part I of the experiment Carynn stood about six feet away from Michael and I. We were allowed to hold our arms out but not say anything. Carynn let go of Ty and he made a beeline for Michael. So then it was on to Part II of the experiment.

Part II of the experiment involved Carynn and I repeating the steps from Part I. Unfortunately when Michael set Ty down he opted not to walk to either Carynn or I. So then it was on to Part III.

Part III involved me holding a small bit of a brownie in my hand. Sure enough when Michael set Ty down he came to me, took the brownie and then walked right back to Michael. Sigh...

So I say that I'm a green-eyed monster because Ty seems to prefer Michael to me. I say it very lightheartedly though. I know he loves me.

He's my little sweetie! I'm so glad that they're back home. We missed them when they were in Oregon for Thanksgiving week.


Friday, November 21, 2008

So big!

With our church meeting schedule changing due to the size of Saltese Ward, we were done with church at 1:30 PM. We had arranged earlier to have a potluck dinner with C, J & T-going to their home since Ty would just be finishing up his nap. We were there around 3:15 and guess what? Ty hadn't napped, the 9 AM - 12 PM church schedule can be tough on little ones, so he was slightly wired, beyond tired. He was happy to see us though and played and talked and even danced a little to the music of his toys (he sways back and forth).

Carynn left for choir practice and Michael and I decided to stay a little longer. We're glad we did because Ty learned something new: So big! He was wandering around happy and I would say, "Ty's so big!" and raise my arms and then after a while he did it too. (One of the things I enjoy is when I'm the one that teaches him something new.) It was fun to watch and kind of poignant too because Ty IS getting so big. Walking, talking (or trying to talk). He's curious about so many things. He gives wonderful hugs and when he looks up at you it would melt your heart, if it wasn't already melted.

I was talking to Michael this morning about this time last year when we were getting ready for Bret and Laura's open house, Thanksgiving, family pictures and Ty was SO little. My what a difference a year makes.

We spent some time with Carynn and Ty yesterday, or I should say they spent some time with us. It was good to get a "fix" before they head off to Oregon to visit Jamie's family. We'll miss them for Thanksgiving, but are excited to have ALL of our children home for Christmas.

I have so many blessings. Even in this time of economic crisis, we have so much more that money cannot buy. An eternal family, what a blessing!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Clap on Blankey Boy

We just got back from our trip to Utah. I was excited to see Ty so I stopped by yesterday while out running errands. He had just gotten up from his nap. He quickly demonstrated some of his talents. These included: Clapping and laughing, giving kisses, and waving bye bye. He's been doing all of these things for a while, but not with the consistency that he is now.

Carynn mentioned that he's really good at putting away his toys. I witnessed that when they came over for dinner and Ty very carefully put his toys away. Good job Ty Michael!

Carynn also thinks he's teething. We'll have to see. He's up to 6 teeth now.

Ty's also turned into a blankey boy. We've always held up things to his cheek and said, "soft, soft," and he likes to do that with his blanket and snuggle with it. I like snuggling with him.



Thursday, November 6, 2008

Vital Stats

Ty Michael had his one year check up earlier this week. Here are his new vitals: 21 lbs and 30 inches tall. He's doing wonderfully. He showed the doctor how well he could walk and considering that he had three shots (ouch) he did very well. He doesn't have to go back until he's 15 months.

It's been an amazing year watching him grow and develop. I enjoy his personality. The other day when Michael and I were over to C & J's I read him a book and he liked that. He also did some snuggling. I love it when he sits on my lap and puts his head on my chest and gives me a love.

Ty enjoyed his birthday celebrations-both at his house with just the family on his special day and with a HUGE houseful at our home on the 1st. He enjoyed all of his gifts and caught on right away with what to do with his toys. Friday night he started out a bit tentative with his birthday cake and then got into it. Saturday night he REALLY enjoyed his cake. What a fun time!


Friday, October 31, 2008

Birthday Boy!

Today is a special day! Ty Michael Hudson entered the world exactly a year ago this evening. I remember when Carynn and Jamie called us and said that they were leaving for Boise as Ty was letting his birth mom know he was ready to be born. Then he was here! All fingers and toes and everything else in place. What a blessing he has been to Carynn and Jamie and to us. His birth mom had to make a hard decision, but I know that it was the right one for all concerned. She will always have my eternal gratitude.

Happy 1st Birthday Ty! Nana and Grandpa love you so much!


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Walk Tall!

We're back! We had a wonderful trip. However, we brought back awful colds as part of our souvenirs so we're just now starting to feel "normal." Because I was worried about passing along something to Carynn, Jamie or Ty I've stayed away even though I was so anxious to see them.

Today after my hair appointment (that was almost as good as taking an antibiotic) I stopped by to see Carynn and Ty. Michael had taken a walk there so we met and then.....waited! Ty was taking his nap and he needed his nap, so we waited. Finally when we could almost not stand it any longer Michael woke him up.

I'm happy to say that he recognized us. After a clothing change, it was time for Ty to show us his that he could walk the walk....and he did! His coordination and balance are great and he was moving faster than I had pictured him in my mind.

We enjoyed our visit and can't hardly wait for his birthday in a few days.


Monday, October 20, 2008

On our way to Thailand!

Michael and I are nearing the end of our cruise. Our last port is Laem Chabang, Thailand where we disembark and then take a bus/coach to Bangkok (a 2 1/2 hour drive). We've had intermittent e-mail access during the trip so this is my first post since we left.

I brought my little brag book so I could look at pictures of Ty and our family. It always brings a smile when I look through it. I admit I've shared it with a few people (I couldn't resist!)

So we're on our way to Thailand. I thought it appropriate that I blog that since it has the same pronunciation as our Ty whose land is America and is very far away from where I am right now.

More when we get back!


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lions and Tigers and a Bear, oh my!

I saw the cutest picture of Ty today. In the picture he's wearing a bear costume. He looked, I can't help myself, adorable, very huggable. He may be a bear for Halloween, which is also his birthday.

Ty and Grandpa were playing Growl and Chase the other night. It was so fun to watch them. I'm not sure whether they were lions or tigers or whatever, but they were crawling around the living room and family room. Michael would growl and Ty would laugh and start to crawl away very quickly. He wouldn't go too far before he'd turn around and start crawling toward Michael. Michael would crawl toward Ty and growl again and then the game continued.

I'll miss Carynn, Jamie and Ty while we're on our trip to Asia. More at the end of October.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sometimes No means Yes!

Sometimes the female sex is accused of being fickle---of changing our minds again and again. Well, I think that Ty Michael is very comfortable with his feminine side! He will shake his head no and sometimes it means no, but sometimes it means yes! He's also still doing the uh oh thing alot. Have we created a monster? I don't think so as his vocabulary is rapidly expanding! He can do Hi and will sometimes wave bye bye too. He loves to play Where's Nana, Where's Grandpa, Where's Ty, Where's whomever.... He's also this close (picture me holding my thumb and forefinger about a half an inch apart) to walking.

I love kissing his soft cheeks and holding him close.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Our New Alarm Clock or Uh Oh!

We have had a new alarm clock all week! It's the TMH Alarm Clock. Model No. 10/31/07. Yes, Carynn wasn't kidding when she wrote on her schedule for us that Ty woke up between 6:00 and 6:30 AM every morning. Like clockwork, he did! Except for yesterday and today (Sunday) when he woke up at 5:30. Ouch! That's okay though as he goes right back down after a bottle and a diaper change so he gets a little nap and we do too!

We've been enjoying having him all week while C & J had some R & R. I had forgotten though how much energy a baby has when you have him 24/7 and how my energy level isn't quite as high as it used to be. What I've been telling my friends when they ask how we're doing is that having a baby in your 20's and 30's is a lot different than having a baby in your 50's!

Ty's such a cheerful little guy that except for the energy issue-he has lots, mine/ours varies-we've been having a wonderful time. Claire, our dog is, having a good time too. She likes to follow me when I'm carrying Ty to see if he's going to drop anything that might be of interest.

He (Ty) also learned a new word. Yep, his new word is, drum roll please, Uh Oh! (Or is that two words?) I would say it whenever he pitched anything overboard while he's sitting in the high chair and then on Thursday (9-11) he said it too! He even stressing the last syllable just like I do. We've been trying different ways of using the new word.

Ty was a hit at our Stake Post Camp Leadership Meeting, the High Priest Progressive Dinner, when our Home Teachers came to visit, and while we were out shopping. He is very social and enjoys "talking" to people. He also tried out something new while we were at the Progressive Dinner-mangoes! He likes them.

This morning his mom and dad are on their way to the airport to begin their trip home. We've been praying all week for them in their travel and also that Ty will be safe with us. So far so good!

He's already had breakfast, a bath and is having a brief session in his jumperoo as I write this. I'm so thankful that I can be a nana. I love him!


Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Transitions...that's the word for the day since it applies to so much that's going on in all of our lives. Examples:
Ty (10 months old!) is transitioning from crawling to walking, from unintelligible sounds to actual words, from being spoon fed to feeding himself, his list just goes on and on.
Melinda's transitioning to a new school, new friends and life away from home.
Bret's transitioning from college graduate to job seeker.
Michael and I are transitioning into "empty nesters," with all the changes that brings into a relationship and our home.
Everyone has their own personal list regarding transitions; I'm not just talking family either. Some of my friends are transitioning to having a son on a mission, children getting married, children starting school. There's new homes, new relationships, failed relationships, divorces, births, deaths, the list just goes on and on.

Some of my transitions lately have been accompanied by tears: tears of happiness, tears of sadness, tears because of change. You're allowed to cry when you're a mom. (It's in the rulebook, check if you don't believe me.) So what I'm trying to do is to not deny the tears, but to accept them and then square my shoulders (mentally and physically) and look ahead. I'm thankful for all the blessings that are mine. I'm striving to be thankful for all those transitions too.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

In and out of the box

We had Ty today while the crew did a last hurrah at Silverwood. One of his favorite activities this afternoon was crawling inside the toy bucket (I had it laying on its side) and rummaging through the toys in it. He'd also pass the toys that didn't meet his criteria with one hand out of the box while keeping most of himself inside the box. It was fun to watch.

Another favorite tonight was when he was playing peekaboo with his grandpa (Papa). To see their two heads close together warmed my heart.

He's doing all sorts of talking. I'm not sure what it all means, but it sounded happy. Lots of Da da this and da da that. I'll have to get my Baby speak to English dictionary out. :)

We're heading out of town to get Melinda to school soon (our last little chick is fledging) and will also be taking some time in Southern Utah as well-so I probably won't be able to do an entry next week.

Till next time!


Monday, August 18, 2008

First Kiss

I'm back from our Stake YW Camp as of August 15. My family started arriving later that day. Over the past few days we've played Phase 10 (I lost-but not spectacularly), took family pictures (always an adventure), some went to Silverwood, some went to our cabin. We've also had a family meeting, eaten lots of yummy food and are very tired.

Last night after pictures Carynn, Jamie, Ty, Lynette, Bret, Laura, Michael, me, our niece Kloey and our dog Claire headed to the cabin. Last night was lower key. Today we had quite a busy day-swimming, tubing, reading, etc... While I was holding Ty this morning he gave me a kiss! Don't tell Michael, but I'm in love!

It's wonderful being a Nana!


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Standing "O" or It's an Open and Shut Case

Ty spent some time with us last night while his parents went to see the latest Mummy movie. Since it was cooler in Michael's den/office we started out in there. Ty discovered that he was very adept at opening and closing the doors underneath the bookshelves. He would work his way back and forth opening and then shutting first one door and then go to the next one and then go back and repeat the process. He would give cackles of delight at how proud he was of himself. It was fun to watch.

As for the Standing "O"-While Ty has stood alone for a few seconds it's usually been from someone holding his hand and then letting go. It seemed to work best when he was holding something in one or both of his hands. Well---last night he was holding on to the toy container when he let go himself and stood there for a while. Then I think he realized he was standing so then he decided to let go and fall on the ground. Carynn said she got him standing alone on tape at their home, so hopefully she'll post it to the site soon.

I have Young Women Camp starting August 11. It'll be a great week--now's the time when all the preparation pays off. Building girls' testimonies (and ours too) is what it's all about. Being in a beautiful place is the icing on the cake!

Till later-



Monday, August 4, 2008

Nine Months Old!

This last week marked Ty's nine month day. He went in for his 9 month check-up and he's doing wonderfully! Carynn noted he was giving the baby in the mirror (himself) open mouthed kisses. (No self esteem issues there!) Here's his stats: Weight 18 lbs 5 1/2 ounces, Length 29 inches. I'm not sure about his head size. He had to have two shots-which is a lot better than having to have 4 shots (like he did at his 6 month check).

While he may not be a "super pudge" he does have some nice fat rolls. He has a lot of muscle as he's a very active boy! When they stopped by to visit last week I made him some pear sauce which he gobbled down. He and I still play the double spoon game. Though no one else understands why we do.

Ty already knows that Papa (Grandpa) is the one that is going to make super funny faces at him. I can sense him waiting for what he will come up with next.
Ty crawls so fast now. He's not Speed Racer, but Speed Crawler! We're going to have to do some serious baby-proofing as he's very curious about everything he encounters at Nana and Papa's house.

I love it!


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ty and Nana Time

Ty and I had a great time this last week. I had the opportunity to watch him while Carynn went to have her hair done. We had a good time playing. He demonstrated his super-fast crawling skills, his steady on his feet while standing skills and his voracious appetite. He does like to eat.

One way I keep him occupied while he eats is to hand him two large metal spoons. He bangs those around, puts them in his mouth, invariably drops one (or both), I then wash them, and place them back on his high chair tray and the game begins again. It's a fun game, really.

Tonight after Sunday Dinner we played a game with Ty that we used to play with our children when they were babies. We had Melinda hold Ty at one side of the living room and two or more of us positioned ourselves on the other side of the room. The "game" was to see who Ty would come to when Melinda sat him down. I, unfortunately, did not "win" at all. Carynn won all of the "heats" she was in and Michael won the others. Melinda did pretty good. Ty did get a bit distracted when Michael "cheated" and used a wooden block from my patriotic decorations to lure him. Sigh, some people will do anything to win. It's good I'm "above" all that. Just kidding. It was fun to play an old game with a new young one.

I'm so thankful that we live so close to Carynn and Jamie and Ty so that we can see them often.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm back or Catching up!

Fourth of July was great! Not as many people came as last year, but we still had a good crowd maybe 40-50 people. Carynn, Jamie and Ty came. Ty slept through the festivities downstairs, but his mom and dad didn't. They had first dibs on our swing and a great view of the fireworks.

Saturday the 5th I watched Michael run in the Liberty Lake Loop race. He ended up winning his division though he wasn't happy with his time. Right after that I left for Colorado Springs via Utah and with my friends Jim and Joann Richey and their dog Dusty. We spent the night in Dell, Montana and then drove to Salt Lake. Bret and Laura picked me up from Joann's daughter's home and I had a yummy meal at Laura's parents' home. Then it was back to Provo to spend time with B & L. I enjoyed my two and a half days there and then caught up with Jim and Joann for the trip to Colorado Springs.

We spent the night at a RV campground in Leadville, Colorado. (Michael tells me that it's the highest incorporated town in the US.) Then it was on to Colorado Springs. Unfortunately we found out on our arrival in Manitou Springs ( a cute town-suburb of Colorado Springs) that our friend Linda was in the hospital. We went to visit her. Jim gave her a blessing and then we called my brother to arrange for a time when he could come and along with Jim give her a priesthood blessing. Linda ended spending all of her stay in Colorado Springs in the hospital and flew back to Spokane on Sunday.

I enjoyed my time with Jim and Joann and attending the wedding festivities of our mutual friends' son. My brother Grady was my escort for the wedding and reception. He wore his mess dress (tuxedo uniform) that I kept calling dress mess by mistake. He looked distinguished; I think the rest of us cleaned up well too.

After all the wedding stuff was done I stayed an extra three days with Grady and his family. He took me on a tour of the Air Force Academy (where he's stationed). We also went bowling. He also took me to a gun club where I learned to fire a revolver and a semi-automatic 9 mm handgun. (I'd never fired anything but a beebee gun before. I had a great time. If I had to fire a gun I prefer the revolver.)

I flew out from Colorado Springs this afternoon. I got home today around 5:00 PM. Carynn and Ty came over and he has another tooth! He also is verbalizing much more than I remember from 11 days ago. He's still fascinated with our ceiling fans and is smiling up a storm. (I found a cute outfit for Ty at Peterson AFB's BX-it was such a good price and will work well for next year!)

Now it's time to get going on dinner. I enjoyed my roadtrip, am thankful that all was well while I was gone and am happy to be back too.

Love, NS

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Eight months old! or I can do it all by myself!

I'm excited that Ty is eight months old! When I compare his pictures at birth through now, it's amazing to see the changes he's made in growth and development. Since it's been so long since our youngest (Melinda) was that age, there have definitely been things that I've forgotten.

One of Ty's latest "things" is holding his bottle by himself. He does it quite well. I witnessed that this last week when they were visiting. I also like to "sneak" him sips of water by holding a cup up to his lips and tilting it ever so slightly. A miniscule amount comes out and he really likes that (squeals of delight and happy feet kicking).

Just a few days ago Grandpa got in "trouble" for feeding Ty an Otter Pop. Not just because of the colored frozen sugar water issue, but because he (and Ty) got it all over Ty's brand new outfit. It's like deja vu-I remember Michael doing things like that when our children were young.

We're excited to go to the cabin for the 3rd of July! (That's when they do the fireworks there.) Then it's back home for our annual 4th of July fireworks open house. Then I'm out of town for a week and a half visiting family and attending a wedding.



Monday, June 23, 2008

A Stand Up Kind of Guy

First before I get to the main course---dental news! Ty finally had a tooth break through on Saturday, June 21. He's been gnawing on all kinds of things and drooling like crazy, so it's great to have some results!

Now for the main course. Ty is a stand up kind of guy. Really. He does his army crawl to whatever object of furniture (or person) that he wants to use to help him pull himself to standing position and after he slowly pulls himself up he stands holding on to that object for LONG periods of time. I'll set him down and try to tempt him with toys slightly out of reach to crawl to, but no, he will "Ty crawl" to a footstool or the sofa table or the window seat or whatever catches his eye and pull himself to standing. I stick close by when he does this, because he invariably lose his balance and will let go and I don't want him to bonk his head. He's seems very pleased with himself when he does this-smiling and laughing. He has very strong legs, maybe from all the his practice jumping in his jumperoo (and now standing).


Monday, June 16, 2008

Oh Glorious Days!

What a whirlwind of a weekend it was! We had Dad Miller here and then my mom, sister, her husband and daughter arrived Friday night. My other sister and three of her children travelled from their place in northern Washington and got here Saturday afternoon.

Saturday morning we went to the temple for Ty to be sealed to Carynn and Jamie. Carynn and Jamie needed to be there before Ty needed to be there (paperwork and such), so I chilled with him until it was time to load him up and drive to the temple. The rest of the family and some close friends met us there.

I had purchased a long-sleeved white romper with a vest for him to wear for the occasion. My friend machine stitched his name on one of the cuffs. I dressed him in that and white socks and he looked like an angel! We kept him happy feeding him baby treats. Everyone else that was there for the sealing went in and then Ty and I went with me holding him. Carynn and Jamie arrived last.

My part was to hold Ty for the sealing. I was so happy to be able to do that. He squirmed a bit, but didn't fight being held in place. The sealing itself was over quickly and then it was time for congratulations all around and then pictures all around the temple.

After the photo session it was back to Carynn and Jamie's for a barbecue. Then I went back to Youth Conference and everyone else stayed a while at C & J's. Later that evening Carynn, Jamie and Ty came up to play games and visit with the family. Ty slept through the visit. He'd had a busy day!

Sunday morning we drove to Carynn and Jamie's ward for his blessing. Their bishop stood and
explained (very briefly) that Ty had been placed with them November 1 and that his adoption was final, that he was sealed to them on Saturday and now he would be given a name and a blessing. Michael and my sister's husband were in the circle with Jamie as well as their bishop, former bishop and a few friends. Ty looked very handsome in his white outfit. He also complained during the blessing. I don't' think he liked being held in that position. After all, it's not like he was really tiny and had no idea what was going nearly 7 1/2 months old he was very aware and very awake! I can just imagine him wondering what his Daddy was doing and all those men around him too that were close to him, but not looking at or talking to him. So he squawked a bit, but I was able to understand Jamie's words anyway.

As it was Father's Day I thought it very appropriate that they had Ty blessed that day. It has been a glorious time to have the sealing ordinance take place. Legally AND spiritually and by the right authority, he is theirs (and ours too)!

Kalloo, Kallay, What a Glorious Two Days!


Thursday, June 12, 2008


What a weekend this is going to be! There's our stake Youth Conference Friday and Saturday (I'm the co-chair), Ty's sealing, Ty's blessing, Father's Day and to start the almost weekend--today is Michael's 55th birthday. Whew. So many good things!

We have family coming or already here (Michael's Dad) to participate in the family events. Stay tuned for more updates.



Friday, June 6, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

Yesterday, June 5 at 3:10 PM Ty Michael Hudson OFFICIALLY became Ty Michael Hudson! Michael, Dad Miller and I had stopped by Carynn and Jamie's on our way home from the cabin. Ty was just getting up from a nap, and after a quick diaper change, was in fine jumping form. He even caught some air! He and I also played our "Where's Nana?" peekaboo game. He laughed. I love that sound!

He's still not quite sure about his great-grandfather's beard, but reacted better than he did on Sunday when he initially met him., which was by crying. I don't think he's met very many people with extensive facial hair.

After our visit, Carynn and Ty were off to pick up Jamie and head to court to finalize the adoption. After the proceedings they took pictures with the judge. I'm looking forward to seeing those.

Oh Happy Day!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

7 months old!

Today, May 31, 2008 Ty Michael Hudson is 7 months old! Wow, the time has been going quickly. I'm so glad that he's a part of our lives and that we're a part of his. Some Ty updates:

This week he began clicking his tongue by putting it up to the top of his mouth-cute!
Things are moving along with the adoption process. More info later!
I ordered a darling little white romper from LDS Distribution Services for Ty to wear in the temple. He'll look like an angel in it! It came in today's mail.

Busy week this week-Dad Miller gets in town tomorrow (Sunday) for Melinda's high school graduation. He and Barney (his corgi) will be here two weeks. It'll be great to see him. It's been since Bret and Laura's wedding. Lynette flies in for it too.

Stay tuned!


Friday, May 23, 2008

A mover and a Shaker

Ty Michael is on the move--literally. You just can't set him down without him moving around. He's getting fast too. He's been doing the roll over thing both ways for a while now, but just this last week I witnessed how quickly he can get himself from Point A to Points B, C and Beyond! He gets in the "regulation" crawl position, but just kind of rocks back and forth or he'll get up on his toes and stretch himself out like he's going to do a push-up. Then he changes his mind, drops down and "army crawls" using his arms. Right now he's doing a great job of dusting the floor as he moves to reach whatever is his objective!

He's also a shaker too. He's really enjoying all kinds of rattles, clanky keys, etc. He'll bang them around, shake them and invariably drop them; waiting for an obliging adult to pick them up. He's so fun to watch.

Now we're really going to need to baby-proof everything at our house. I remember getting on my hands and knees when OUR children were little and seeing things from a child's point of view, seeing what we needed to move, cover, etc.. We might be "kid friendly" but we're definitely not "child proof" yet!


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ty visits the cabin

After their visit with Ty's birthmom and her family today, Carynn, Jamie and Ty came up to the cabin for a quick visit. The weather was nice and Carynn and Jamie were hoping the fish would be biting. (The flies had been biting earlier-ouch. Thank goodness for long sleeved shirts.)

We had the fan on in the living room and Ty was mesmerized by it. Carynn mentioned that he had reacted the same way at the home where they had his visit with his birthmom. There's something about a fan spinning that gets him excited.

We walked down to the lake with Michael holding Ty and got some pictures of him dabbling his toes in the water and helping his dad to fish. Great memories of Ty's first of many, many visits to our cabin!

Love, NS

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Jump Ty, Jump!

So yesterday I viewed an interesting phenomenon. Carynn had told me about how Ty enjoyed his jumper and I had seen him in it before, but when she put him in it yesterday he was jumping up a storm! He has strong legs and calf muscles and you could certainly tell by how he used them to jump, jump, jump in his jumper.

It's a real "high tech" model, it literally does have bells and whistles and Ty delights in setting those off. I know the jumper is for his entertainment and development, but it certainly entertained me as well. I laughed and laughed and of course that just got him going more too.

Oh what fun it is to be . . . a nana!

Happy Mother's Day!


Sunday, May 4, 2008

Spring Fever--literally!

Spring FINALLY has decided to make an appearance here in the beautiful Northwest. It also brought with the change of season, colds and/or flu! Most of us have had a touch or more of it including Melinda, Ty, Carynn and finally myself.

It was sad to see little Ty with an awfully runny nose. When he sneezed, oh my it was something to behold! Not wanting to be too "gross" I won't go into great detail...suffice it to say that when he sneezed, he cleared EVERYTHING out of his nose! He's all better now, Carynn too. Melinda had a lighter case and I'm finally on the mend. Still a little congested, but I'll live.

We take our good health so for granted.

Speaking of good health. Ty's 6 month check up statistics are: weight 16 lbs 2 1/2 ounces and length 27 1/4 inches. I can't remember his head measurement, but he's fine. No teeth have surfaced yet, but he sure is drooling up a storm. Developmentally he's also doing very well. I looked at the list of the things he's "supposed" to be doing, and he's doing them or more.

Carynn and Ty stopped by to see us on Thursday and brought dinner. That was so sweet of them. Ty looked so dapper in his polo, striped onesie underneath and jeans. To top it off he had on his baseball cap. Michael (Papa) says we have to get him a Chicago White Sox cap, so he can show his "loyalty" to his grandpa's favorite team.



Monday, April 28, 2008

Mister Grabby

So Ty's doing something new. Actually, not new, new. But he's doing it all the time now. I've nicknamed him (he has about five nicknames now) Mister Grabby. He's earned that nickname rightfully because he has mastered the dexterity to grab at anything and everything that is within OR almost within his reach. After he's grabbed whatever it is, he either does two things: brings it to his mouth, or observes it first and then decides whether or not to bring it to his mouth. I can almost sense his thought process: To eat or not to eat!

He's had a cold the past few days, but is on the mend. His poor Mom has it now and hopefully will start feeling better soon. Ty goes in for his six month check tomorrow, so I'll have a post with his latest vital statistics.

Regarding an "old" posting-He (Ty) still enjoys his Ty Michael song. He smiles whenever I start to sing it.

I love him!

Watch for vital stats soon!


Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Ty has discovered a new talent. Yes, blowing raspberries! Carynn got some great video of him really going to town and will be putting it on their website. I watched it and it was so funny to see the amount of concentration that Ty put into blowing a considerably long and yes, messy raspberry! I witnessed it myself in person the other day. I would rate it a "sustained" raspberry on the raspberry scale with a MILD raspberry being one that is of short duration and minimal lip action. A MODERATE raspberry has more lip action and is longer in duration. A SUSTAINED raspberry has all factors: prolific lip action, length of time and the all important concentration factor.

Till next time, may you enjoy prolific and sustained raspberries.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The "eyes" have it!

It has been a very busy Spring. Though I would say (and I think the weather person would agree) that we've only had two days yet with Springlike weather!

It's been wonderful to have my mother here. We've always talked often, but we haven't always been able to share the same place, BE in the same place very often. So it has been a blessing to have her here. My mom's health isn't always the best, so I'm thankful for the time we have.

Mom's been enjoying her visits with Ty. She has commented more than once, how alert he is. It's true, he's very aware. Those bright blue eyes of his see so much. I think he has great peripheral vision. His hearing also seems very sharp.

That brings another thought to mind...If Ty had the ability to communicate in a way that I could understand (because I know he communicates) I wonder what he'd say about what he's observing around him? I HOPE it would be things like:
When I smile it's my way of saying I love you.
Nana, I can tell by the smile in your eyes, in your voice and on your face that you love me too.
When I laugh it's because I'm so delighted with what's going on around me.
When I reach out to touch your hand, or grab your finger it's a way I connect you to me.

There's so much a child sees. How do our children see us? I know I have this vision in my head of the person I hope they're seeing, but that may not be reality. I hope beyond it all, they'll see that they are loved., that they'll know that they're loved.That is the best gift that my parents gave me

Today I'm driving my mom back to her home so I'll be gone a few days.

Don't forget to smile with your eyes too!


Saturday, April 5, 2008

Family Ties/Ty's Family

We had company this week! Due to weather, etc. my Mom and sisters hadn't been over since Thanksgiving weekend, so we were excited when they were able to come. Karra's husband, Carl was able to come too (he often can't visit because of his coaching schedule). Their four children and Taurie, Erin's daughter also came to visit.

Though we stay in touch by phone, it was great to be able to catch-up in person. My sisters are both much younger than me, (9 and 11 years to be exact) which they like to point out frequently-including yesterday while we were enjoying lunch at Rancho Viejo after going to the temple. (I teased them that they shouldn't have teased me until AFTER I had picked up the check!)

Everyone was excited to see how much Ty had grown since November. Initially having 9 people SO excited to see him all at once seemed to concern Ty a bit when he was getting reaquainted with everyone. But, he recovered quickly and enjoyed visiting with this great aunts, his great uncle and his cousins. My mom is staying another week so Ty will have lots of opportunity to see his great grandma. He's such a smiler, he charmed them all! Of course Michael (Papa), Melinda and I made sure we had our share of "face" time with Ty too. :)

We enjoy these times as we continue to strengthen our family ties AND Ty gets to know his extended family.


Sunday, March 30, 2008

This Little Piggy/Happy 5 months!

Tomorrow Ty Michael will be 5 months old. WOW! It does seem just like yesterday that I was meeting him for the first time in Boise. It was definitely love at first sight for me. :) I am enjoying being a grandmother tremendously. Michael enjoys his role as grandfather (Papa) as well. He's so good with children, it's probably because he's still such a kid at heart himself!

So this little Piggy...
We popped by earlier this last week and Carynn said, "You have to see what happens when he's squirming around in his sleeper (or words to that effect)." So we peeked in and there was one little piggy (toe) only that he had managed to work outside of his sleeper. It was cute to see that very small "big" toe poking out between the snaps of his outfit.

I just viewed the updated Baby Central photos and videos. It's so much fun being around a baby again. I love it when he sees me and smiles!


Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Tie for Ty

Carynn and I had hoped to find an Easter outfit for Ty when we checked out Kohl's during their grand opening. Unfortunately there just wasn't anything in his size. So, since Carynn already had two collared shirts for him we determined (and I volunteered) to make him a tie to go with one or both of them. My goal was to have it done for Easter Sunday.

We checked out Hancock Fabrics and found three fabrics that could work. I borrowed a tie from one of my friends (thanks Jenna) to use as a pattern. One day Michael and I stopped by C & J's and Michael tied a strip of scrap material around Ty's neck (that was fun to watch) in the conventional Windsor knot. We figured out that from the knot to Ty's waist was 5". With those measurements to go on it was time to get creative.

I finished his first tie yesterday. I used velcro to fasten it which should be hidden by his collar. Since it's a one-of-a-kind tie I even signed it, (Love Nana 2008). It almost looks too little, but we tried it on him and it should work fine. I told Carynn that I'd love to post a picture of him wearing it for my blog, so stay tuned.

Happy Spring! Happy Easter!


Monday, March 17, 2008

Taking TYme out

This last Saturday Carynn and I, along with about 2000 women, participated in Time Out for Women. We drove with two of my friends and hooked up with a few more for lunch. Carynn was also pleased to see sisters from her ward and also an old friend from college days. It was powerful to be with so many women and especially to be with so many women of faith.

We had originally planned to bring Ty along since Time Out is an all day event. We knew between us (and our friends) that we'd have plenty of help if Ty got cranky, etc. Jamie had other plans though. He wanted Carynn to be able to experience the event without interruption so he gladly volunteered to give her a TYme out so she could attend Time Out.

Carynn checked in occasionally through the day and all went well. When we dropped her off Jamie reported that Ty rolled over from his belly to his back twice AND rolled over the first time from his back to his belly. He's a strong little guy!

Time Out for Women is such a worthwhile event. I highly recommend it. We didn't attend the Friday evening session, but if that's offered when they're back (in 2 years) I definitely want to do that too.

I'm taking some time out now. We're off to the cabin for a quick overnight.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sleepover and new Stats

It's been a busy week or so with meetings for church (ward conferences, New Beginnings, planning meetings for YW Camp and Youth Conference) so I'm a bit tardy with my blog entry.

On Friday, March 7, Carynn and Ty spent the night with us as Jamie and Michael (my hubby) were up at our cabin with a group of Scouts from Carynn and Jamie's ward. Melinda opted to stay home also (turning down an opportunity to hook up with some friends) and we had yummy chicken garlic pizza from Papa Murphy's and watched movies- chick flicks of course! Ty (as the lone male) was not intimidated at all by the chick flicks (I think that means he's going to do great with the ladies!)-he ate and then slept through them (Now that does sound like a man, doesn't it?). It was great having a girls (plus Ty) night in. Saturday morning Melinda had track practice, I helped clean the church building and Carynn and Ty got ready to go home. An enjoyable time was had by all. Postscript: The Scouts had fun too (and a similar menu on Friday night).

Today, Ty had his 4 month check-up and shots. His weight is 14lbs 3oz. His length is 25 1/2 inches. Which is pretty close to what he was at two months-The doctor thinks that the nurse was a little loosey goosey with the previous measurement. She also told Carynn and Jamie that the length measurement is usually the one with the most discrepancy. Ty's doing very well and the doctor okayed starting solids. Carynn's planning on introducing vegetables first.

Ty had another first today! He rolled over from his tummy to his back! I stopped by to see them after my hair appointment (it was time to get the gray covered) and while he (Ty) did not perform for me (as in roll over) he sure did some great smiles when he saw me.



Saturday, March 1, 2008

Flying Solo or Papa's Report

I have a "guest" writer for today's entry. I'm titling this posting Flying Solo because tonight Michael had the opportunity to watch Ty while Carynn and Jamie went to the Symphony. Carynn had asked me earlier in the week if we could watch Ty so they could use some tickets they had for the Symphony. I was happy (as always) to oblige but since Melinda and I would be at a church activity we couldn't babysit Ty. Well, Michael stepped up and said he'd like to watch Ty for the evening so here's his report:

6:30 PM Shanna's still home when Carynn and Ty arrive. Carynn gives detailed instructions and shows me how to "swaddle" Ty when laying him down for bed. She then leaves.
7:00 PM Shanna gets the bottle ready and we begin feeding. This takes some time as Ty needs to be burped, etc.
7:10 PM Shanna leaves for the church activity (Melinda had left earlier), so it's just me, Ty and the dog at home. I continue to feed him.
7:40 PM After feeding and burping Ty and playing with him (he's starting to grab at things now), I try putting him in the swing. He likes that for maybe 10 minutes, and then fusses.
7:50 PM I walk around with him for a few minutes. We walk through the family room, hallway and kitchen more than once. The dog follows us the whole time. Ty seems to like when I walk around with him.
8:00 ish He's starting to not be happy when I'm walking him which I know is an indication that he needs to be swaddled and put to bed. I do this.
8:15ish He fusses a little, but falls asleep.
8:30 PM-10:30 PM I check on him often to make sure he's breathing.
10:45 PM Carynn and Jamie come to take Ty home.
10:46 PM Shanna arrives back from the activity. She has time to talk to the kids and that's about all as they're just getting him ready to take home (he stayed asleep during the transfer between the bassinette and his carseat).

That's my report!

Well done, Michael! You did a fantastic job flying solo! (I knew he could do it, it'd just been a LONG time since he has done so.)


Monday, February 25, 2008

Smile for the camera!

Last night Carynn, Jamie and Ty came over for Sunday dinner (salad, crockpot stew, french bread, with brownies for dessert). Ty was asleep when they arrived, so we just peeked in at him so he could finish his nap. It was great to see them. I'm glad they can come up nearly every Sunday so we can "catch up" with what's been going on all week. I put "catch up" in quotes because we usually talk every day, and we often see them during the week, but usually Sunday dinner is the time when we can ALL be together.

Carynn had Ty Michael dressed in a pair of his jeans, striped onesie, coordinating hoodie, socks and cute shoes hoping that when he got up, and after he'd been fed, they'd be able to do an updated family picture. (During their previous "formal" family picture taken at Bret and Laura's Open House at Thanksgiving time he hadn't been particularly happy for the photo session.)

So the plan was put into motion. Dinner for us, nap for Ty. Dinner for an awake Ty, and then family pictures! So PICTURE THIS: Carynn, Jamie and Ty positioned sitting on the raised hearth of the fireplace in our formal living room. Michael and Melinda each have a digital camera. I'm employed trying to make Ty smile. Now I used the word "make" Ty smile. He smiles often, he laughs too. It's the smiling ON CUE so cameras can click that is trickier. I used our friend Baby Big Bird to help. One of the challenges was having him smile in the direction of the picture taker because he'd look at me and smile or he'd look at his mom or dad and smile. Michael and Melinda would probably say that one of "their" challenges was having me get out of the way so that pieces of me or what I was holding/waving (arms, legs, head, Baby Big Bird) weren't part of the family picture.

Ty cooperated wonderfully. At times it was funny to see an almost a quizzical look on his face-his expressive eyebrows raised or drawn together as if to say, "Okay, I'll keep doing this if you want me too, but aren't we done yet?"

They're a beautiful little famly and I think between them (Michael and Melinda) they got some great shots. I'm sure Carynn will be posting some of them on "Baby Central" soon. Michael also took some candids of Ty before the "photo shoot" so perhaps those will be featured as well.

I'm smiling too just thinking of them. Happy Monday!


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I couldn't resist!

Yes, I will admit to occasional bouts of "retail therapy." But honestly, really today wasn't like that...

I was in WalMart near the food section and had finished up what I needed to get there. I happened to look across and saw all of the baby things. I thought, "Well, I'll just get some diapers so that we have some on hand," so I got them. But then I saw this cute little sleeper outfit that said "Heart Throb" on it and I couldn't resist that too. Finally, I saw that the little knit hats were on sale ($1.00), so you guessed it, I succumbed. Sigh....He will look darling in them all. Actually, since Ty Michael is a boy, I should say he'll look handsome, (which he is). But he'll still look darling too.

Maybe it WAS retail therapy after all. I certainly feel happier!


Thursday, February 14, 2008

My favorite ValenTYne!

Today I dropped by Carynn and Jamie's house with Valentine goodies for them. Ty Michael happened to be asleep when I first arrived. He slept a little longer and then without any prompting (in other words I didn't pick him up to wake him up or talk loudly to wake him up) he woke up and I got to snuggle my favorite ValenTYne! He is SO kissable; and his smiles just melt my heart.

It was a relatively quick visit as I had other things to do, places to go, but definitely helped to brighten an already happy Valentine's Day.

I love my little ValenTYne!


Friday, February 8, 2008


It's that time of year where I traditionally review where my life, our lives, are at on different levels. Most would use the end of one year and the beginning of the new as a time to reflect, make goals or resolutions and see how they've measured up from the previous year. For me the two week period between January 24-February 7 is when I work through that process.

Those two weeks mark the brief life of our first daughter, Lindsay Renee. She was born on January 24, 1978 in Yakima, Washington. She passed away on February 7, 1978. As I look back now, we (Michael and I) were SO young. We'd had our disappointments, struggles as newlyweds and starving students, but I would have to say that Lindsay's death was our trial by fire.

I had some difficulties conceiving and keeping a pregnancy so as things looked well for the delivery of our baby (in those days we didn't know whether we'd be having a boy or a girl), we were anxious but in a good kind of way. My labor with her went spectacularly fast. In fact the time between when we went to the hospital to when she was delivered was one hour. Yes, ONE hour. I remember the nurse remarking that we shouldn't cut it so close next time. She was a healthy 8 pounds 11 ounces and 21 inches long. Her hair was darker and her eyes newborn blue. Our hospital stay was uneventful, but because Michael caught a cold while Lindsay and I were in the hospital we opted to go to my cousin's home instead of our home when we were released.

Lindsay and I spent a few days there and then Michael picked us up and we went home. Time passed and I caught a cold and then Lindsay did too. We stayed in touch with our family doctor and things seemed to be going okay. The night of February 4 I was up with Lindsay and had her in the bassinette, she threw up and then aspirated and stopped breathing. I immediately began mouth to mouth/nose resuscitation, called to Michael (who threw on some clothes) and we were out the door to the hospital. The doctors/nurses in the ER got her going again and her lung re-inflated. She was put in the ICU. They had her on what they call a baby bird machine to assist her breathing. I remember seeing a sticker on it saying that the machine was donated by the March of Dimes.

Lindsay had blessings from Michael and our bishop and things seemed to be going well. My mother rushed up from Arizona to be with us. Some of the details blur in my mind, but are noted in my journal. Anyway, her lung collapsed again and it took them a long time to get her going. We went home the night of February 6 and my mom stayed at the hospital. I remember having our prayers and being able to say (and mean) "Thy will not ours be done." We went to bed to be awakened by my mother calling on the phone to tell us that we should come to the hospital.

Our doctor met us there, my mom was there as well as the hospital chaplain. Lindsay was pronounced dead and was unhooked from the machine and her still warm body wrapped in a blanket. A nurse carried her to the chaplain's office where there was a rocking chair and I held our baby one last time. My mom held her grandchild for the first and last time. The nurse took her back to the ICU and then there was that whirlwind of getting all of the details of her funeral worked out. We were in shock, but were supported by our loved ones and our ward family. I was especially supported by my wonderful husband, who was a tower of strength.

I remember that a bright sunbeam cast its light on her casket at the church during her funeral. Her casket spray was pink roses. I kept one for a keepsake. I almost didn't say goodbye to her before they closed her casket, but my mother urged me to and I'm glad that I did. Two beautiful sisters sang, "The Light Divine" for a special musical number. Our bishop spoke. I remember as people filed by the casket one of them was my dear friend who had just delivered her baby while Lindsay was in the hospital. Lindsay's buried on what I call the Baby Hill at Terrace Heights Memorial Park which is near Yakima.

Why do I dredge this all up? Partly because I don't want Lindsay to be forgotten; but also so I won't forget the lessons I learned over that period of time that are part of my life now. After Lindsay's death I had to work through the stages of grief which did include anger towards individuals that I viewed as taking their children for granted (not buckling them up in their car seats, letting them run around outside church where they might get lost or hit by a car, complaining about the hours that their child/children kept them awake, etc), guilt that perhaps I had contributed toward Lindsay's death, the shock of her passing and gradually acceptance and then finally peace that Lindsay had done what she needed to do for her eternal salvation and that it was up to me to live my life so I'd be worthy to raise her after her resurrection.

Lindsay's death helped me to re-evaluate my goals and priorities. I voraciously read anything and everything I could about life, death, resurrection. Besides the scriptures, two books that helped me alot were Angel Children by a mom whose little son had died and Added Upon a novel by Nephi Anderson. My friend would invite me to sit with her little one when my arms ached for a baby to hold. My husband was tender and kind as he helped me work through my grief while he shouldered his own. Keeping myself busy with a new job and serving in the church helped fill the days.

We had difficulties again getting pregnant, but were finally blessed with Carynn's birth on August 21, 1979. I can't tell you how many times I would check on her to make sure she was still breathing. I remember poking her (gently) to make her take a breath, just in case. I tease her now saying that she's lucky she's "normal" at all due to how over protective we were while she was little and growing up.

My testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Plan of Salvation is firm. I'm committed to living my life so that I will have the opportunity of raising our daughter during the Millenium. I know our family can continue on through the eternities IF we do our part. I've learned the value of service to others bringing joy and peace to self. I've learned that the Lord knows what our limitations are and that we will NOT be given more than we can handle.

Our family has been blessed in so many ways. We have 4 beautiful and healthy children. We have two wonderful "new" children that have come into our lives: our son-in-law Jamie and our daughter-in-law Laura. Finally we have the blessing of our grandson, Ty Michael. He is watched over, prayed for and is loved and cherished. ETERNAL FAMILIES-THAT'S WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT!


Thursday, January 31, 2008

Nana's Philosophy 101 or Accentuate the positive!

Happy three month birthday to Ty Michael! Today is also his daddy's 31st birthday. In our family we call that the "Golden Birthday" when you are the same age as the day of your birth.
Happy Golden Birthday Jamie!

Yesterday while Michael and Carynn braved the roads to Costco and beyond I had the opportunity of being with Ty Michael. We did the usual- eating (both of us), sleeping (only him since I was "on duty") and spending time together. After Ty woke up and had his mid-afternoon bottle, I rocked him and sang to him. I made up a song called, coincidentally, "Ty Michael." I couldn't tell you where I got the tune from, just in my head, but it's very repetitive. It goes something like this: Ty Michael, Ty Michael is such a handsome boy, is such a loving boy, is such a kind boy, is such an obedient boy, is such a faithful boy, is such an intelligent boy. Ty Michael, Ty Michael, Ty Michael, Ty.

There is a method to my madness regarding my song lyrics. I am of the firm belief that you should tell a child often how wonderful they are, even at a very young age. I have a friend that points out (within their child's hearing) that so and so is a problem child, is so this, is so that. I think that while you must correct a child, you should NEVER point out their faults to someone else at all and especially when that child can overhear them. You should treat them how you want them to be. I believe that while that may sound simplistic it can work to the benefit of all concerned.

I know my parents took time to point out my positive attributes. Even with them "cheerleading" it took me a while to figure out that I was all the good things that they said I was. Imagine if I hadn't had the positive, but instead heard all the things that I didn't do right. I think I might have lived DOWN to their expectations and be really messed up.

So I will continue to sing my Ty Michael song and when more grandchildren come I will make up a song for them too extolling their virtues. I call it Nana's Philosophy 101 or Accentuate the positive!


Sunday, January 27, 2008

Give Said the Little Stream OR That's Entertainment!

Last night we had the privilege of having Ty Michael while Carynn and Jamie attended a function for his work. We were quite happy to have the opportunity. Since the weather changed Melinda's plans she was home with us. There came one time when we were all sitting on the couch entertaining Ty. To paint the picture-Michael at one end of the couch, Melinda in the middle holding Ty and me next to Melinda. (By the way we were "fighting over" who got to hold him all evening.)
So we're sitting there and Ty's sleepy, but not quite sleepy enough to go to sleep, just restless. What to do? Draw on our hidden talents! Melinda started making noises (tuh, tuh, tuh, etc.) to a song, Michael started making "boop boop" noises to the same song and I'm bouncing around the Baby Big Bird toy (cleaned up and recycled from Melinda's babyhood) and squeezing his squeaker to the same tune. We did this for a while and Ty seems quited entertained and we were too. When there was a break in the action Melinda asked, "What song is that anyway?" I told her "Give Said the Little Stream" and we all smiled.
And that's what we all did in our own small way...give!

Now that's entertainment!


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Ty Report-100% Adorable!

As promised I am returning to report on Ty's doctor appointment. Carynn called me Friday afternoon as I was getting ready to go to the airport for my weekend getaway (I was traveling to CA to participate in my friend Terry's 50th birthday celebration.) with the news from his doctor's visit. Ty's current vital statistics are weight-12pounds 7 ounces and in the 25th percentile. His height/length is 25 1/4 inches and he's in the 75th percentile for that. I shared with Carynn that no wonder he is such a voracious eater, he's growing by leaps and bounds! Oh, by the way, I consider him to be in the 100th percentile for adorable! The doctor also confirmed that Ty's doing extremely well in the headlifting department. He's a strong baby.

He had four shots-two in each leg and his OPV. The nurse said she's never seen a baby actually suck the OPV out of the dropper before! Over the weekend, Ty didn't have any adverse reactions to the shots, so that's one less thing to worry about as well. No more shots until his next appointment.

I had my grandma's brag book with me on the trip so I shared Ty's pictures with anyone who showed even a vague interest. Yes, I'm going to be one of those grandmothers! I'll see Ty today and share the gifts that my friends from CA sent for him.

Tootles! (Now where did that come from?)


Wednesday, January 16, 2008


A new species of dinosaur has been discovered! The Tyasaur weighs between 13-15 pounds and is around two feet tall. This small raptor has a voracious appetite, preferring a liquid diet. One of its distinguishing characterics is a piercing screech which it makes when hungry. The Tyasaur will keep making this sound until right before it attacks it's prey (aka bottle).

I thought it was funny when Carynn first described Ty's latest antics. I wasn't sure if she wasn't stretching the point a bit, but after taking care of him for a little bit yesterday-I witnessed the transformation myself. When he's ready to eat, he's ready to eat and he lets you know it!

He has his two month check-up this Friday (even though he's actually 2 1/2 months old-that's how they scheduled it at the doctor's office.) which will include his first round of shots. I wonder if he isn't going through a growth spurt again. It'll be interesting to see what his "official" weight and height turn out to be.

Stay tuned...


Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy New Year!

Can it already be January 7? Last night after Sunday dinner Papa (Michael) was holding Ty. Ty was watching him closely and practically giggled everytime Michael started doing his silly faces and noises. It was so fun to see that huge toothless smile appear on Ty's face. Michael has always had a talent for getting children to smile and laugh. Sometimes he does it at church and the little ones get in trouble with their parents. I hope he (Michael/Papa) always remains young at heart.

Jamie's parents are coming this weekend. They're so excited to see their newest grandson. We're having them over to dinner so we'll get to renew our acquaintance with them as well. Our baby (Melinda) turns 18 this weekend too. Wow, where does the time go?

When I talked to Carynn today she said that Ty has slept through the night 3 nights in a row. Woo Hoo! He goes in for his two month check-up next week. He'll have to start his immunizations...ouch!

Till next time,