Monday, February 20, 2012

True Colors

Michael and I have been doing a TON of bird watching. He's been "into" bird photography for a few years now. He's not so much into checking the different birds we've discovered off of a list, but photographing them. That's actually a bit harder than you think. He has to get close enough to get a good picture so it's not just seeing them in the distance with binoculars for him and therefore for us. I help by being his "spotter." We have seen so many beautiful birds in our travels.

We did a jaunt to the Tijuana Estuary Wildlife Refuge south of San Diego and just barely north of the Mexican border. In fact we could see the barbed wire fence separating the United States from Mexico in the not so far distance.

While at the Estuary we saw so many AMAZING birds. I observed an interesting phenomenon with one of the hummingbirds-it's illustrated in the photos below. Keep in mind that this is the SAME hummingbird-it's just the way the light hits it that makes the difference.

As I've thought about it I believe there's a lesson in those pictures. As beautiful as the hummingbird is in the top picture, as you add more light it becomes the best it can be-absolutely, positively gorgeous!

So to take it to a human level I believe that as we add more and more of Christ's light in our lives we become our best selves.

Seek the Light (note the capital "L")!!!