Monday, December 31, 2007

Guess who's 2 months old?

Ty Michael is 2 months old! The whole world is celebrating--okay that's a bit of a stretch due to New Year's Eve-but hey, I'm a grandma so I'm allowed. Anyway today after doing some set-up for the church New Year's Eve youth dance (our stake is in charge) and getting my gray hair erased (Thanks to Christie C. my hairdresser) Carynn and Ty met me at Pier 1 for our 5th or 6th annual check out what they've got tremendously discounted sale. We were disappointed as they don't have the drastic 75% markdowns on the Christmas items like they used to, but we still managed to find some goodies for Bunco (since it's my turn to co-host and help get the prizes) at 50% off! Yay! I love a sale! Carynn had Ty in the sling while we were shopping so all I could see of him were his cute little tennis shoes. I peeked in at him and he was happy as a clam or maybe I should say as a joey or baby kangaroo due to the pouch/sling. :)

After snagging some great deals for Bunco at Pier 1 we had a bit of lunch at A & W. (I love their draft rootbeer-always have.) From there it was a hop and a skip to Fred Meyer (they share a parking lot) where I did some banking, purchased some last minute groceries for dinner and then we went our separate ways. I really enjoy our outings!

See you next year!


Friday, December 28, 2007

Oh What Fun!

Oh what fun it is to have a baby at Christmas time! Michael and I had a great time posing as Santa with Ty on our laps using an old wig/beard/mustache combo that Michael had left over from a bank function and a Santa hat (courtesy of our costume box). Carynn and Jamie teased us about being Hobo Santas but that's okay, we had fun with it. Ty looked darling (I'm trying to use another word besides adorable since I use that one a lot) as a mini-Santa himself. His little velour outfit even had a faux pack of toys on the back and black boots! I can't say that his belly shook like a bowl full of jelly, but I can say that his belly loved (and loves) being fed!

Other Ty Christmas notes: I was glad that I got his stocking done though he didn't seem too interested in it this year. I also finally finished his "main" Christmas present ( a few days late) --a crib quilt to match the rest of his nursery ensemble. Better late than never!


Monday, December 24, 2007

More precious than... silver or gold!

Today we went to see National Treasure: Book of Secrets as a family. Bret and Laura couldn't be with us (they're in Utah), but we had everyone else, including Ty. It was his first movie. He slept during most of it, then roused, drank 4 ounces and finished the rest of the movie on my shoulder covered with a blanket. He started stirring when the ending credits started rolling and the house lights went up. As Carynn was putting him back into his carrier a lady was just leaving the row behind us. She said, "What a good baby. We had no idea that he was here." She also said something like, "God bless this child." We smiled and then she was gone and we left the theatre.

Jamie, Carynn and Ty had a few errands to do and then they came up to have Christmas Eve dinner with us. Lynette asked to be the chef. Melinda set the table. Michael did pre-dinner clean up. I was called when dinner was on the table; what a wonderful gift! C, J & T arrived just then (perfect timing) and we enjoyed our dinner. We're going to play some games, maybe watch a video or two, read the Christmas Story from the scriptures and then it'll be almost Christmas.

More precious than silver or gold are the blessings (gifts) we enjoy: our lives, our Savior, the gospel of Jesus Christ and especially our family!

More Later,


Sunday, December 16, 2007

Baby Jesus

Last evening I had the privilege of holding Baby Jesus. Actually it was Ty Michael waiting in the wings of the stage for his cue to join Mary (Carynn) and Joseph (Jamie) as part of Carynn and Jamie's ward's Christmas Party. When he grows up he can tell his family that his first calling was to serve as Baby Jesus for a Nativity play.

At the run-through prior to the event tonight, the lady who organized the event told me that she had a doll that I could hand to Carynn just in case Ty was acting up. We didn't need to use it as Ty played his part perfectly! He was asleep in my arms when Carynn came to get him from me. Jamie came back for the swaddling bands (a blanket). Ty stayed asleep almost on the hay (they did have a real manger there) for the entire time that he was "performing." Carynn would look down at him (Ty) then Jamie would be looking at both of them (Ty and Carynn) and I would look at all of them and I teared up for I felt the Spirit so strong on different levels.

I'm glad that Michael and I were there to participate and enjoy this event.


Thursday, December 13, 2007

I'm Back!

It's been over a week since my last posting...Michael and I headed to Las Vegas/St. George for some R &R and to experience some warmer weather. We had a good time (especially when Bret and Laura came down to see us), but we're happy to be home too!

The Ty Report.....
He's six weeks old...Wow! I could tell a difference in him just in the week we've been away. He's showing more personality all the time. I'm excited that I get to "Ty sit" tonight while Carynn and Jamie attend a ballet for one of their Sunday School students.

I'll write more tomorrow..

Sunday, December 2, 2007

4 Generations

This picture was taken on Wednesday, November 28, 2007. My mother was visiting for the week and Carynn and Ty came up so we could do this 4 generation picture which just so happened to be on Ty's 4 week old day!

Doesn't Ty looks adorable in this outfit? I love the little shoes too. He's starting to coo and is getting more alert every day. I think his favorite activities (beyond sleeping) are eating, swinging in his swing, and eating some more.