Monday, April 28, 2008

Mister Grabby

So Ty's doing something new. Actually, not new, new. But he's doing it all the time now. I've nicknamed him (he has about five nicknames now) Mister Grabby. He's earned that nickname rightfully because he has mastered the dexterity to grab at anything and everything that is within OR almost within his reach. After he's grabbed whatever it is, he either does two things: brings it to his mouth, or observes it first and then decides whether or not to bring it to his mouth. I can almost sense his thought process: To eat or not to eat!

He's had a cold the past few days, but is on the mend. His poor Mom has it now and hopefully will start feeling better soon. Ty goes in for his six month check tomorrow, so I'll have a post with his latest vital statistics.

Regarding an "old" posting-He (Ty) still enjoys his Ty Michael song. He smiles whenever I start to sing it.

I love him!

Watch for vital stats soon!


Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Ty has discovered a new talent. Yes, blowing raspberries! Carynn got some great video of him really going to town and will be putting it on their website. I watched it and it was so funny to see the amount of concentration that Ty put into blowing a considerably long and yes, messy raspberry! I witnessed it myself in person the other day. I would rate it a "sustained" raspberry on the raspberry scale with a MILD raspberry being one that is of short duration and minimal lip action. A MODERATE raspberry has more lip action and is longer in duration. A SUSTAINED raspberry has all factors: prolific lip action, length of time and the all important concentration factor.

Till next time, may you enjoy prolific and sustained raspberries.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The "eyes" have it!

It has been a very busy Spring. Though I would say (and I think the weather person would agree) that we've only had two days yet with Springlike weather!

It's been wonderful to have my mother here. We've always talked often, but we haven't always been able to share the same place, BE in the same place very often. So it has been a blessing to have her here. My mom's health isn't always the best, so I'm thankful for the time we have.

Mom's been enjoying her visits with Ty. She has commented more than once, how alert he is. It's true, he's very aware. Those bright blue eyes of his see so much. I think he has great peripheral vision. His hearing also seems very sharp.

That brings another thought to mind...If Ty had the ability to communicate in a way that I could understand (because I know he communicates) I wonder what he'd say about what he's observing around him? I HOPE it would be things like:
When I smile it's my way of saying I love you.
Nana, I can tell by the smile in your eyes, in your voice and on your face that you love me too.
When I laugh it's because I'm so delighted with what's going on around me.
When I reach out to touch your hand, or grab your finger it's a way I connect you to me.

There's so much a child sees. How do our children see us? I know I have this vision in my head of the person I hope they're seeing, but that may not be reality. I hope beyond it all, they'll see that they are loved., that they'll know that they're loved.That is the best gift that my parents gave me

Today I'm driving my mom back to her home so I'll be gone a few days.

Don't forget to smile with your eyes too!


Saturday, April 5, 2008

Family Ties/Ty's Family

We had company this week! Due to weather, etc. my Mom and sisters hadn't been over since Thanksgiving weekend, so we were excited when they were able to come. Karra's husband, Carl was able to come too (he often can't visit because of his coaching schedule). Their four children and Taurie, Erin's daughter also came to visit.

Though we stay in touch by phone, it was great to be able to catch-up in person. My sisters are both much younger than me, (9 and 11 years to be exact) which they like to point out frequently-including yesterday while we were enjoying lunch at Rancho Viejo after going to the temple. (I teased them that they shouldn't have teased me until AFTER I had picked up the check!)

Everyone was excited to see how much Ty had grown since November. Initially having 9 people SO excited to see him all at once seemed to concern Ty a bit when he was getting reaquainted with everyone. But, he recovered quickly and enjoyed visiting with this great aunts, his great uncle and his cousins. My mom is staying another week so Ty will have lots of opportunity to see his great grandma. He's such a smiler, he charmed them all! Of course Michael (Papa), Melinda and I made sure we had our share of "face" time with Ty too. :)

We enjoy these times as we continue to strengthen our family ties AND Ty gets to know his extended family.