Thursday, May 21, 2009

Papa! Papa! Papa!

Last Sunday I had a Stake Young Women Event. The Stake YW president was out of town so I was conducting. As I was being recognized as part on the program for completing my Personal Progress I invited Michael, Carynn & Co., and Melinda to come. I was sitting up on the stand right before the meeting started when I heard a voice call out, "Nana." Yes, Ty was there too!

As he was being a bit too happy, Carynn got up to take him out. Just before they exited the chapel, it clicked in Ty's brain what was happening and he called out at the top of his lungs, "Papa, Papa, Papa!" and reached out towards Michael to "save" him. (I heard and saw this from my vantage point on the stand.) Of course he was just using a variation of the "Old Somebody Save Me" ploy. It didn't work, but it was funny.

I called Carynn the next day and told her that I hoped she wasn't embarassed because of Ty's being loud and dramatic. I explained that EVERY parent there recognized his outburst for what it was: a last ditch attempt to stay in the chapel by pitting one adult against another. She's a bright girl, she'd already figured that one out.

No anger, just smiles-

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Thirty-five years!

Michael and I celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary yesterday. On May 16, 1974 we were married for time and all eternity in the Los Angeles LDS Temple in Santa Monica, CA.

As we were eating dinner last night Michael asked me to identify where we were living on our milestone anniversaries. Here's the list:
1st year 1975 Phoenix, Arizona
5th year 1979 Yakima, Washington
10th year 1984 Kennewick, Washington
15th year 1989 Vancouver, Washington
20th year 1994 West Linn, Oregon
25th year 1999 Issaquah, Washington
30th year 2004 Liberty Lake, Washington
35th year 2009 Liberty Lake, Washington

So, do you notice any commonalities? Yep, you're right, we have officially lived the longest in one place. We've been in Liberty Lake since July 2002. I might add that a few of our other moves figure in between those milestone dates (Spokane in 1985-86, Yakima again 1986-88, Sandy, Utah from late 1994 to January 1996, Danville, California from Summer 1999-Summer 2002).

As Michael and I enjoyed our steak dinners at Outback Steakhouse-very yummy I might add- we reminisced about our time together. We have been so blessed. Yes, we've had heartache and trials in our lives, but our blessings far outnumber and outweigh our challenges. Our song all those years ago was, "More today than yesterday," by the Spiral Staircase and I do love him more today than yesterday but not as much as tomorrow. Our sealer (the man who performed our marriage ceremony) told us, "You think you love each other now, but this is just the beginning and if you honor your marriage covenants your love will grow to be so much more than it is now." I didn't believe him at the time, but I do now.

For time and all eternity,

Tractor Boy

So after we were done playing, we walked out to see how the painting was going. We went by way of the garage and Ty spotted Michael's John Deere tractor mower. I've set him up on it before. It's one of the things he calls a "Bye Bye." Which makes sense as it has four wheels and moves. I sat him up on it again and he had a fun time trying to move the steering wheel.

When Papa decided to take a break from painting he took Ty for a ride on the mower. Please note, at NO time was there any lawn mowing going on, so no need to worry on that score. Anyway, Carynn cautioned us that Ty might be frightened of the noise of the tractor and sure enough he was, because it is loud. He initially didn't want to go to Michael for his ride, but he conquered his fear seated with papa, gave a wave and was off. He enjoyed his ride around the driveway. Carynn took him for a ride too. Now he'll probably want a ride whenever he comes. Have we created a monster?


Time to play!

The other day Carynn and Melinda came over to help Michael paint the house. It needed it and with the wedding reception here later this summer the timing is great to paint it too. I volunteered to do "Ty duty" while Carynn helped her dad and sister paint.

We had SO much fun! We went downstairs to the toy closets and Ty got out Melinda's old shopping cart complete with a now ancient Cabbage Patch doll. He began pushing it up and down the hallway. When he'd start to veer to far to the left or right he'd course correct himself. He'd occasionally get the baby out, give the baby a kiss and a love and then attempt to put it back into the seat in the shopping cart. I helped him put the legs through the holes. Then he'd repeat his circuit of walking the cart down the hall and back. He looked so cute.

Ty also discovered the Match Box car collection. He calls cars "Bye Bye" because that's what you do with them. He also goes "Beep beep" to simulate horns honking. So we had a lot of fun with the "bye bye's" going beep beep. There were some smaller trailer tractor rigs also with the cars. Unfortunately they would often come apart in play so I'd hear "uh oh" and put them back together for Ty. This happened a lot. So we had more than a few "uh ohs." There are also some minature wooden street signs that are well loved. Ty enjoyed fitting these together, taking them apart, etc. We had a few "uh ohs" there too.

After naptime I started to take Ty back upstairs and he didn't want to go upstairs. He said, "Play" so that's what we did. Oh, I forgot we used the old keyboard for background music. The pre-programmed songs and rhythms are great for that.

I love to play with Ty.


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bye Bye

My dedicated blog readers may recall a mention I made a few weeks ago of having Ty over so Carynn and Jamie could finish up a project. I drove him up to our house in their car (so much easier to not switch Ty's car seat from car to car). He enjoyed going "bye bye" with Nana up to Nana and Papa's house. We did that twice. Now whenever I say I'm going "bye bye" he thinks he's going with me.

Earlier this week I popped by to pick up Melinda to do wedding dress stuff. When we returned Carynn and Ty were back from running their errands. I said a quick hello and then an equally quick good bye since I had tons of stuff to do. Ty heard me grabbed his socks and made a beeline for me thinking that he got to go bye bye too. Unfortunately this time was not a time that he could go with me. He was sad. :(

It's so nice to be wanted!

Bye bye for now-


Mr. Mimic

Ty is learning SO many words! He loves to talk. He'll give neighbors a cheery "Hi!" while on a walk in his stroller. He really enjoys talking on the phone, his, "He-low" (with the emphasis on the "low" is very cheerful and then he'll launch into other words that HE knows but that I haven't quite figured out yet. He is a flirt with people while shopping, as long as Mama, Dada or some other familiar figure is close by. Though a flirt, if a new friend wants to hold him he may not go to them as he likes to flirt, but keep his distance.

The other day while Carynn, Jamie, Ty were over for dinner (Melinda poppped by too.) Ty was sitting happily in his high chair when Carynn said, in relation to what topic I don't remember, "Mom" with the "aw" sound drawn out so that Mom seemed like a two syllable word instead of one and Ty pops right up with "Mom" (saying it multiple times with the exact same inflection Carynn used). I can see that we may have to guard our tongues more carefully, because Ty is so quick with repeating (or trying to repeat) what he hears.

Tah Tah for now-