Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ethan 6 1/2 month stats

Sweet Ethan continues to grow! His weight is at 18.5 pounds (59th percentile) and his length is 27.25 inches (69th percentile).

It was so fun to have the trio here to visit. I was away at another activity so missed out on Ethan's first hike during their visit. This picture with his Papa while on the hike is one of my new favorites. Happy Boys both of them.

Families can be forever!


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Swimming Boys

Both of my grandsons had swimming adventures during the month of March.

Swimming Boys, Part 1 - "The New Kid on the Block"

Ethan had a few firsts during his family's visit to our home in March. Swimming was one of them. Here's proof:

Time to ease him into the water (I love his belly!)

He's not quite sure if he likes the pool

Smiles from Mom and Dad, Ethan's undecided

It was fun to witness this first of Ethan's and to see how his parents tried to make it as positive an experience as possible. His papa and I took him for a "spin" around the pool too. He's a cuddly one!

Swimming Boys, Part 2 - First "Official" Swimming Lessons

Ty had swimming lessons at the YMCA during the month of March. Since I was taking care of him while his parents were out of town I had the opportunity to take him to his lessons.

On the bench waiting for lessons to begin. Ty's favorite thing is jumping in. He's the best jumper in his group (And that's not just because I'm prejudiced either.)

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In the background you'll see Ty with his swimming teacher Carolina cruising through the water tied up in a swim noodle.

Boy did all this bring back memories! I can't tell you how many times over the years I sat waiting for our children during their swimming lessons. I remember hoping they'd do well and take to the water. I'm so glad to say that they did!

A new generation of cute swimming boys!


Away from home, but at home

We've been enjoying winter in southern Utah where the skies are bluer and it's definitely warmer. In fact Michael tells me it's going to be in the 70's.

Right now I'm away from that home and closer to home as I'm staying with Ty while Carynn and Jamie are enjoying a cruise celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary.

It's actually kind of "weird" to be here (meaning Washington state) as I've been spoiled by the southern Utah sunshine since January.

What is wonderful about being here is spending time with Melinda, Ty and my dear friends here.

I'm not able to download pictures here, but will have some when I get back home-the other one.

Bloom where ever you may be planted-even if it's only temporary.