Monday, December 29, 2008

It was a very Merry Christmas!

The weather outside might have been frightful, but it was DELIGHTFUL having all of us here for Christmas! Melinda got in on December 19. Bret and Laura flew in on December 21st. Lynette arrived on December 23. Both Melinda and Lynette had delays in their flights due to the weather but they got here safe and sound, that's what's most important.

Since Lynette's flight was so late getting in and the roads were a bit dicey and icy, Melinda and her boyfriend picked Lynette up and both Melinda and Lynette spent the night at Carynn and Jamie's place.

So since we weren't all here until Christmas Eve we ended up squeezing a whirlwind of activities into that night. We started the festivities with a wonderful turkey dinner. Carynn cooked the turkey, Carynn and Lynette did all the trimmings, Laura set the table and I had made the pies. We were minus Melinda and Landan for dinner-but had Jamie's brother, sister-in-law and their little girl here.

After dinner we played games, some of us read, dyed their hair, or watched Christmas movies. We waited to decorate the tree until Melinda got back. So when she and Landan returned we jumped into overdrive--the Decorating Dancers had a few moves to share, then it was Bret and Laura's turn to put the angel on the top, and the rest of the tree decorating began in earnest. We also listened to Polar Express, had hot cocoa, and read the Christmas story from the scriptures. It was late by the time we all got to bed. Carynn, Jamie and Ty spent the night so they'd be here Christmas morning.

Christmas morning it was no surprise that Ty was the first one up. He breakfasted, and started to get into the Christmas presents, but we were able to sidetrack him until everyone got up. We investigated our Christmas stockings (We were all remembered-no coal for us!), had our traditional ham, potato rolls and orange juice for breakfast and then Ty (with help from his mom and dad) opened up his gifts as it was starting to get time for his nap. After Ty went down for his nap (he looked really cute in his plaid Christmas jammies) we "adults" unwrapped our gifts. It was a fun morning.

The rest of the day was as low key as we could make it. All of us (except Ty) participated in our annual Biore Fest. We all looked "stunning" wearing our Biore nose strips. Carynn, Jamie and Ty went home later that evening since Jamie had work the next day. Our biggest concern has been the weather as we've had more snow the past two weeks than I think we've had the past two years-sure seems like it anyway. We've all been able to get where we needed to safe and sound. We haven't had as many outings as we might have due to the weather/road conditions, but that hasn't mattered as the most important thing was spending time together.

Lynette flew home Saturday, Bret and Laura Sunday and now the snow has started in again. Sigh.....

It was a very Merry Christmas!


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Box Boy

It's been interesting watching Ty discover new ways to maneuver himself. Last week it was about getting onto and off of his riding toys. He would lift his leg over but he kept ending up facing backward. So he would problem solve that by getting off of the opposite side and swinging his leg back over. Michael called it a three step process. I'm sure he'll make it a one step process sometime soon.

This week it was about boxes. Carynn had placed an empty box on the floor. It was a perfect size for Ty to climb into since it was only about six inches tall. It didn'thave a top and since it was so shallow he would bend over holding onto the sides of the box and step in and then sit down. It was a snug fit but he enjoyed doing it.

Ty's very inquisitive and quick! I mean not only can he move quickly, but he learns quickly. I think he's very bright. I know I'm prejudiced since he's my grandson, but he's always been very much aware and interested in what's going on around him. I can almost see his thought processes click when he understands something or figures out how to do something.

Oh and we still play the game where I give him two spoons to play with whenever I feed him. He always smiles when I do that. (I still sing the Ty Michael song to him when no one is looking.)


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mood swings

Last night Ty made a guest appearance at our Ward Christmas party. It was funny to see his mood change drastically the closer her got to Santa (portrayed by Brother Ransom) from happy to crying/scared. As he was moved away from Santa the tears dried and all was well. (He did like the candy cane though.)

Tonight when Michael and I stopped by their house Carynn and Ty answered the door. Ty started laughing and was so ecstatically happy to see us (especially Papa). That got us laughing and then he was laughing. It was great.

The mood pendulum went the other way when it was time for Ty to go to bed. He wasn't a happy camper. He needed to go to bed though. Sundays are often difficult since nap times often conflict with meeting schedules. He settled down and I know he'll feel much better in the morning.



Thursday, December 4, 2008

The green-eyed monster

Wait, before you think I'm talking about our little sweetie Ty, I will fess up and tell you that I'M THE GREEN EYED MONSTER and here's why:
We were so glad when Carynn, Jamie and Ty got back home so we stopped over to see them briefly on Monday. It was a great visit. Ty played with his toys, with us, though he seemed to prefer his grandpa. I didn't let that bother me though.

Well Wednesday, they (Carynn and Ty)came over to our house. Carynn made some delicious brownies using our most favorite calorie laden recipe. Ty played with grandpa, had a snack, banged the spoons I gave him and showed a DECIDED preference for his grandpa. Carynn said that he does that because Michael (Papa) gives him all the things he's not supposed to eat or drink (like pop,brownies, etc.). Well we decided to do the "Who Will He Go to Experiment" to find out.

For Part I of the experiment Carynn stood about six feet away from Michael and I. We were allowed to hold our arms out but not say anything. Carynn let go of Ty and he made a beeline for Michael. So then it was on to Part II of the experiment.

Part II of the experiment involved Carynn and I repeating the steps from Part I. Unfortunately when Michael set Ty down he opted not to walk to either Carynn or I. So then it was on to Part III.

Part III involved me holding a small bit of a brownie in my hand. Sure enough when Michael set Ty down he came to me, took the brownie and then walked right back to Michael. Sigh...

So I say that I'm a green-eyed monster because Ty seems to prefer Michael to me. I say it very lightheartedly though. I know he loves me.

He's my little sweetie! I'm so glad that they're back home. We missed them when they were in Oregon for Thanksgiving week.