Thursday, January 31, 2008

Nana's Philosophy 101 or Accentuate the positive!

Happy three month birthday to Ty Michael! Today is also his daddy's 31st birthday. In our family we call that the "Golden Birthday" when you are the same age as the day of your birth.
Happy Golden Birthday Jamie!

Yesterday while Michael and Carynn braved the roads to Costco and beyond I had the opportunity of being with Ty Michael. We did the usual- eating (both of us), sleeping (only him since I was "on duty") and spending time together. After Ty woke up and had his mid-afternoon bottle, I rocked him and sang to him. I made up a song called, coincidentally, "Ty Michael." I couldn't tell you where I got the tune from, just in my head, but it's very repetitive. It goes something like this: Ty Michael, Ty Michael is such a handsome boy, is such a loving boy, is such a kind boy, is such an obedient boy, is such a faithful boy, is such an intelligent boy. Ty Michael, Ty Michael, Ty Michael, Ty.

There is a method to my madness regarding my song lyrics. I am of the firm belief that you should tell a child often how wonderful they are, even at a very young age. I have a friend that points out (within their child's hearing) that so and so is a problem child, is so this, is so that. I think that while you must correct a child, you should NEVER point out their faults to someone else at all and especially when that child can overhear them. You should treat them how you want them to be. I believe that while that may sound simplistic it can work to the benefit of all concerned.

I know my parents took time to point out my positive attributes. Even with them "cheerleading" it took me a while to figure out that I was all the good things that they said I was. Imagine if I hadn't had the positive, but instead heard all the things that I didn't do right. I think I might have lived DOWN to their expectations and be really messed up.

So I will continue to sing my Ty Michael song and when more grandchildren come I will make up a song for them too extolling their virtues. I call it Nana's Philosophy 101 or Accentuate the positive!


Sunday, January 27, 2008

Give Said the Little Stream OR That's Entertainment!

Last night we had the privilege of having Ty Michael while Carynn and Jamie attended a function for his work. We were quite happy to have the opportunity. Since the weather changed Melinda's plans she was home with us. There came one time when we were all sitting on the couch entertaining Ty. To paint the picture-Michael at one end of the couch, Melinda in the middle holding Ty and me next to Melinda. (By the way we were "fighting over" who got to hold him all evening.)
So we're sitting there and Ty's sleepy, but not quite sleepy enough to go to sleep, just restless. What to do? Draw on our hidden talents! Melinda started making noises (tuh, tuh, tuh, etc.) to a song, Michael started making "boop boop" noises to the same song and I'm bouncing around the Baby Big Bird toy (cleaned up and recycled from Melinda's babyhood) and squeezing his squeaker to the same tune. We did this for a while and Ty seems quited entertained and we were too. When there was a break in the action Melinda asked, "What song is that anyway?" I told her "Give Said the Little Stream" and we all smiled.
And that's what we all did in our own small way...give!

Now that's entertainment!


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Ty Report-100% Adorable!

As promised I am returning to report on Ty's doctor appointment. Carynn called me Friday afternoon as I was getting ready to go to the airport for my weekend getaway (I was traveling to CA to participate in my friend Terry's 50th birthday celebration.) with the news from his doctor's visit. Ty's current vital statistics are weight-12pounds 7 ounces and in the 25th percentile. His height/length is 25 1/4 inches and he's in the 75th percentile for that. I shared with Carynn that no wonder he is such a voracious eater, he's growing by leaps and bounds! Oh, by the way, I consider him to be in the 100th percentile for adorable! The doctor also confirmed that Ty's doing extremely well in the headlifting department. He's a strong baby.

He had four shots-two in each leg and his OPV. The nurse said she's never seen a baby actually suck the OPV out of the dropper before! Over the weekend, Ty didn't have any adverse reactions to the shots, so that's one less thing to worry about as well. No more shots until his next appointment.

I had my grandma's brag book with me on the trip so I shared Ty's pictures with anyone who showed even a vague interest. Yes, I'm going to be one of those grandmothers! I'll see Ty today and share the gifts that my friends from CA sent for him.

Tootles! (Now where did that come from?)


Wednesday, January 16, 2008


A new species of dinosaur has been discovered! The Tyasaur weighs between 13-15 pounds and is around two feet tall. This small raptor has a voracious appetite, preferring a liquid diet. One of its distinguishing characterics is a piercing screech which it makes when hungry. The Tyasaur will keep making this sound until right before it attacks it's prey (aka bottle).

I thought it was funny when Carynn first described Ty's latest antics. I wasn't sure if she wasn't stretching the point a bit, but after taking care of him for a little bit yesterday-I witnessed the transformation myself. When he's ready to eat, he's ready to eat and he lets you know it!

He has his two month check-up this Friday (even though he's actually 2 1/2 months old-that's how they scheduled it at the doctor's office.) which will include his first round of shots. I wonder if he isn't going through a growth spurt again. It'll be interesting to see what his "official" weight and height turn out to be.

Stay tuned...


Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy New Year!

Can it already be January 7? Last night after Sunday dinner Papa (Michael) was holding Ty. Ty was watching him closely and practically giggled everytime Michael started doing his silly faces and noises. It was so fun to see that huge toothless smile appear on Ty's face. Michael has always had a talent for getting children to smile and laugh. Sometimes he does it at church and the little ones get in trouble with their parents. I hope he (Michael/Papa) always remains young at heart.

Jamie's parents are coming this weekend. They're so excited to see their newest grandson. We're having them over to dinner so we'll get to renew our acquaintance with them as well. Our baby (Melinda) turns 18 this weekend too. Wow, where does the time go?

When I talked to Carynn today she said that Ty has slept through the night 3 nights in a row. Woo Hoo! He goes in for his two month check-up next week. He'll have to start his immunizations...ouch!

Till next time,