Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Carynn tells me that "Relax" is one of Ty's new favorite words. He uses it when he's trying to get his mom or someone else to stop what they're doing and do something with him.

I had found this little wooden sign that said "Relax" (78 cents)at Michael's craft store in their clearance aisle. I love to go cruising for treasure at Michael's clearance aisle. I had put the little sign away with my potential gifts in the sewing room. Of course after what Carynn told me I had to get it and give it to Ty, which I did last week. He likes it. Last Saturday he was carrying it around at his house.

So follow Ty's advice this busy time of year and RELAX!


Tunnels and Tents

Last week Michael and I stopped off at Carynn and Jamie's for a quick visit as we were out and about in the valley. We invited ourselves to lunch enjoying some delicious left over stew (Thank you Carynn!).

After lunch we all decided to take naps, pretend naps. Michael was already laying on the floor (He wasn't feel too perky-all those medical issues that we're addressing right now.), Carynn was sitting in their overstuffed chair and I was on the couch. Ty decided he'd take his pretend nap with Papa. He shared his stuffed bear (not Elmo, but another one) for Papa's pillow. Carynn threw the throw over them and we (and Ty) made our pretend sleep noises. Picture how they do that on cartoons. That was our version. So after pretend naps it was time to play in the tunnel.

I thought we were playing in a tent not a tunnel. Let me explain...Whenever our children would throw a blanket, quilt or sheet over themselves or a table, etc. we always called that a "tent." Well Ty calls it a tunnel and he said that when we pulled the throw over our heads. So he played in the tunnel and I laid in the tunnel. All for about ten seconds.

What fun!


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happy Thanks-Christmas!

It was our turn to have the children celebrate Thanksgiving with us this year as they had celebrated Christmas with us last year. All's fair, etc., etc. So here's how the scheduling went:
Carynn, Jamie and Ty live in town so no problem
Melinda and Landan live in town so no problem
Lynette and boyfriend Sam took off work so no problem
Bret and Laura had Thanksgiving off so no problem

So with so many no problems-how did it all work? Well, becyond the plans made there is the actual reality. So this is how it REALLY worked:
Bret and Laura both had to work on Black Friday so that meant that it wasn't worth it for them to drive 5 hours on Wednesday night (or Thursday morning) to celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday and then go back Thursday night so we opted to do Thanksgiving on Saturday instead of Friday.
Lynette and Sam decided that since Bret and Laura weren't coming over until Saturday, that they'd drive over Friday afternoon/evening and therefore spent Thanksgiving itself with friends.
Since we weren't going to do Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving, Melinda and Landan had Thanksgiving dinner with Landan's parents.
Michael and I joined Carynn, Jamie and Ty for an "alternative" Thanksgiving dinner on Thanksgiving. We had cornish game hens, rice pilaf, asparagus with hollandaise sauce and yummy pumpkin cheesecake for dessert.

So Saturday we had our combined Thanks-Christmas. (We'd already decided that we'd do our Christmas gift exchange over Thanksgiving. Here was the schedule:
Friday night: Lynette, Sam and doggies Sammy and Daisey arrive
Early Saturday afternoon: Bret and Laura arrive
3:00 PM All are at our home for family pictures. Photo session wasn't very long as Ty's patience wasn't very long.
4:15 PM Traditional Thanksgiving dinner with everyone helping to either cook, set up, clean up or eat!
5:30 PM Decorating the Christmas tree
6:00 PM Opening Christmas gifts-We started with Ty's gifts as his bedtime is early.
7:00 PM (or son) Time for Ty to go to bed, we finish opening gifts.
Later on-We all enjoyed pumpkin pie or cheesecake, watching movies (UP and Cars), I was the recipient of a pedicure (Bliss!)Bret helped Michael on his computer and in general we were ALL in the same place, at the same time for about 12 plus hours.

It was short, it was sweet, but it was great! (It's also "weird" to be done with Christmas shopping so early. I kind of like it. It totally turns the focus to other things. Perhaps we should do this every year!

Happy Thanks-Christmas to all!