Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A different kind of Christmas - 2011

The theme for our Christmas card and also this year's family Christmas ornament is:

It's interesting that I purchased the Christmas 2011 ornaments (see above) just after Christmas 2010 when Carynn and I were in St. George. (We found them at one of our favorite St. George places-Taipan Trading.) I put them away and I guess had "kind of" forgotten about them, but they and what they represent must have been at the back of my mind as that's what I ending up choosing as the theme for our Christmas card for this year. I like this on so many levels. Believing that Christ is our Savior; Believing that our Family can be together forever; Believing that we can, we will, we must all go on after Lynette's death; Believing.

As hard as it may be at times LIFE does go on.

Here's what we did for Christmas this year:

I made these denim and flannel rag quilts for everyone for Christmas this year. I used denim from all of our old jeans that I had saved over the years. As I wrote in the letters I gave with the quilts-"This quilt has been YEARS in the making." It was nice to get them done!

From left to right in front of me:
Blue & red striped denim: Michael and I
Green and brown pirate Ships and striped flannel prints: Lynette
(I mailed Lynette's quilt to her fiance' Chris)
Red cherries on white w/turquoise and turquoise & red flannel: Carynn, Jamie & Ty
Brown United States frontier map flannel and striped flannel prints: Bret, Laura & Ethan
Random colors and all kinds of flannel prints: Melinda and Landan

A different kind of Christmas Part 1

We celebrated Christmas in Liberty Lake on Saturday, December 10 with Carynn, Jamie, Ty and Melinda as Michael and I were supposed to leave for warmer climes the following week. Landan is still in the Middle East we miss him! Here are some pictures from our pre-Christmas Christmas-
Our children have always enjoyed arranging the little Nativity set that we always place on the kitchen counter every year. Ty carries on that arranging and rearranging tradition.

The Hudson Family - Christmas 2011

Melinda and Michael striking a pose

All warm and snuggly in their quilts

A different kind of Christmas Part 2

Michael ended up having some dental and other issues so we changed our plans and didn't leave for those warmer climes I talked about until Christmas Day. Yes, it was unusual to be traveling ON Christmas. But since it was not going to be like any Christmas we'd ever experienced anyway, we traveled on it. We were blessed with moderate (for the time of year) weather and great roads. We called the children wherever they were (Washington, Utah, Nevada) and wished them a Merry Christmas. We spent the night at a Motel 6 in the Pocatello area.

A different kind of Christmas Part 3

We arrived at Bret, Laura and Ethan's place around 1 PM on December 26. Now begins Christmas Part 3.

Ethan has grown so much in the 3 1/2 months since we'd seen him last. We really like how Bret and Laura have stamped their own personalities and showcased their talents in their home. We miss them when we can't be with them and are so glad that we could see them, if not on Christmas, soon after. We shared gifts and good food and were happy to be together.

In the photo below Ethan plays with a reindeer plush animal that one of my friends sent him.

That night the Miller trio (B, L & E) took the Miller duo (M & S) to see the lights on Temple Square. It had been years since Michael and I had viewed them; the last time I believe was when we lived in Utah-which would have been Christmas 1995. It was wonderful to be there. There were hundreds of other people there too, but it just added to the atmosphere. It's interesting that I found it reverent and joyous.

We also ran into Sister Eden Lake, a daughter of one of my friend's, who is serving a mission on Temple Square. That was fun too!

Yes, it was a different kind of Christmas, but the important part of Christmas is the message of hope, peace and love that it brings or can bring to each of us if we will let it. It's a message we should remember every day.

As I said earlier- BELIEVE!