Saturday, May 31, 2008

7 months old!

Today, May 31, 2008 Ty Michael Hudson is 7 months old! Wow, the time has been going quickly. I'm so glad that he's a part of our lives and that we're a part of his. Some Ty updates:

This week he began clicking his tongue by putting it up to the top of his mouth-cute!
Things are moving along with the adoption process. More info later!
I ordered a darling little white romper from LDS Distribution Services for Ty to wear in the temple. He'll look like an angel in it! It came in today's mail.

Busy week this week-Dad Miller gets in town tomorrow (Sunday) for Melinda's high school graduation. He and Barney (his corgi) will be here two weeks. It'll be great to see him. It's been since Bret and Laura's wedding. Lynette flies in for it too.

Stay tuned!


Friday, May 23, 2008

A mover and a Shaker

Ty Michael is on the move--literally. You just can't set him down without him moving around. He's getting fast too. He's been doing the roll over thing both ways for a while now, but just this last week I witnessed how quickly he can get himself from Point A to Points B, C and Beyond! He gets in the "regulation" crawl position, but just kind of rocks back and forth or he'll get up on his toes and stretch himself out like he's going to do a push-up. Then he changes his mind, drops down and "army crawls" using his arms. Right now he's doing a great job of dusting the floor as he moves to reach whatever is his objective!

He's also a shaker too. He's really enjoying all kinds of rattles, clanky keys, etc. He'll bang them around, shake them and invariably drop them; waiting for an obliging adult to pick them up. He's so fun to watch.

Now we're really going to need to baby-proof everything at our house. I remember getting on my hands and knees when OUR children were little and seeing things from a child's point of view, seeing what we needed to move, cover, etc.. We might be "kid friendly" but we're definitely not "child proof" yet!


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ty visits the cabin

After their visit with Ty's birthmom and her family today, Carynn, Jamie and Ty came up to the cabin for a quick visit. The weather was nice and Carynn and Jamie were hoping the fish would be biting. (The flies had been biting earlier-ouch. Thank goodness for long sleeved shirts.)

We had the fan on in the living room and Ty was mesmerized by it. Carynn mentioned that he had reacted the same way at the home where they had his visit with his birthmom. There's something about a fan spinning that gets him excited.

We walked down to the lake with Michael holding Ty and got some pictures of him dabbling his toes in the water and helping his dad to fish. Great memories of Ty's first of many, many visits to our cabin!

Love, NS

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Jump Ty, Jump!

So yesterday I viewed an interesting phenomenon. Carynn had told me about how Ty enjoyed his jumper and I had seen him in it before, but when she put him in it yesterday he was jumping up a storm! He has strong legs and calf muscles and you could certainly tell by how he used them to jump, jump, jump in his jumper.

It's a real "high tech" model, it literally does have bells and whistles and Ty delights in setting those off. I know the jumper is for his entertainment and development, but it certainly entertained me as well. I laughed and laughed and of course that just got him going more too.

Oh what fun it is to be . . . a nana!

Happy Mother's Day!


Sunday, May 4, 2008

Spring Fever--literally!

Spring FINALLY has decided to make an appearance here in the beautiful Northwest. It also brought with the change of season, colds and/or flu! Most of us have had a touch or more of it including Melinda, Ty, Carynn and finally myself.

It was sad to see little Ty with an awfully runny nose. When he sneezed, oh my it was something to behold! Not wanting to be too "gross" I won't go into great detail...suffice it to say that when he sneezed, he cleared EVERYTHING out of his nose! He's all better now, Carynn too. Melinda had a lighter case and I'm finally on the mend. Still a little congested, but I'll live.

We take our good health so for granted.

Speaking of good health. Ty's 6 month check up statistics are: weight 16 lbs 2 1/2 ounces and length 27 1/4 inches. I can't remember his head measurement, but he's fine. No teeth have surfaced yet, but he sure is drooling up a storm. Developmentally he's also doing very well. I looked at the list of the things he's "supposed" to be doing, and he's doing them or more.

Carynn and Ty stopped by to see us on Thursday and brought dinner. That was so sweet of them. Ty looked so dapper in his polo, striped onesie underneath and jeans. To top it off he had on his baseball cap. Michael (Papa) says we have to get him a Chicago White Sox cap, so he can show his "loyalty" to his grandpa's favorite team.