Monday, June 23, 2008

A Stand Up Kind of Guy

First before I get to the main course---dental news! Ty finally had a tooth break through on Saturday, June 21. He's been gnawing on all kinds of things and drooling like crazy, so it's great to have some results!

Now for the main course. Ty is a stand up kind of guy. Really. He does his army crawl to whatever object of furniture (or person) that he wants to use to help him pull himself to standing position and after he slowly pulls himself up he stands holding on to that object for LONG periods of time. I'll set him down and try to tempt him with toys slightly out of reach to crawl to, but no, he will "Ty crawl" to a footstool or the sofa table or the window seat or whatever catches his eye and pull himself to standing. I stick close by when he does this, because he invariably lose his balance and will let go and I don't want him to bonk his head. He's seems very pleased with himself when he does this-smiling and laughing. He has very strong legs, maybe from all the his practice jumping in his jumperoo (and now standing).


Monday, June 16, 2008

Oh Glorious Days!

What a whirlwind of a weekend it was! We had Dad Miller here and then my mom, sister, her husband and daughter arrived Friday night. My other sister and three of her children travelled from their place in northern Washington and got here Saturday afternoon.

Saturday morning we went to the temple for Ty to be sealed to Carynn and Jamie. Carynn and Jamie needed to be there before Ty needed to be there (paperwork and such), so I chilled with him until it was time to load him up and drive to the temple. The rest of the family and some close friends met us there.

I had purchased a long-sleeved white romper with a vest for him to wear for the occasion. My friend machine stitched his name on one of the cuffs. I dressed him in that and white socks and he looked like an angel! We kept him happy feeding him baby treats. Everyone else that was there for the sealing went in and then Ty and I went with me holding him. Carynn and Jamie arrived last.

My part was to hold Ty for the sealing. I was so happy to be able to do that. He squirmed a bit, but didn't fight being held in place. The sealing itself was over quickly and then it was time for congratulations all around and then pictures all around the temple.

After the photo session it was back to Carynn and Jamie's for a barbecue. Then I went back to Youth Conference and everyone else stayed a while at C & J's. Later that evening Carynn, Jamie and Ty came up to play games and visit with the family. Ty slept through the visit. He'd had a busy day!

Sunday morning we drove to Carynn and Jamie's ward for his blessing. Their bishop stood and
explained (very briefly) that Ty had been placed with them November 1 and that his adoption was final, that he was sealed to them on Saturday and now he would be given a name and a blessing. Michael and my sister's husband were in the circle with Jamie as well as their bishop, former bishop and a few friends. Ty looked very handsome in his white outfit. He also complained during the blessing. I don't' think he liked being held in that position. After all, it's not like he was really tiny and had no idea what was going nearly 7 1/2 months old he was very aware and very awake! I can just imagine him wondering what his Daddy was doing and all those men around him too that were close to him, but not looking at or talking to him. So he squawked a bit, but I was able to understand Jamie's words anyway.

As it was Father's Day I thought it very appropriate that they had Ty blessed that day. It has been a glorious time to have the sealing ordinance take place. Legally AND spiritually and by the right authority, he is theirs (and ours too)!

Kalloo, Kallay, What a Glorious Two Days!


Thursday, June 12, 2008


What a weekend this is going to be! There's our stake Youth Conference Friday and Saturday (I'm the co-chair), Ty's sealing, Ty's blessing, Father's Day and to start the almost weekend--today is Michael's 55th birthday. Whew. So many good things!

We have family coming or already here (Michael's Dad) to participate in the family events. Stay tuned for more updates.



Friday, June 6, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

Yesterday, June 5 at 3:10 PM Ty Michael Hudson OFFICIALLY became Ty Michael Hudson! Michael, Dad Miller and I had stopped by Carynn and Jamie's on our way home from the cabin. Ty was just getting up from a nap, and after a quick diaper change, was in fine jumping form. He even caught some air! He and I also played our "Where's Nana?" peekaboo game. He laughed. I love that sound!

He's still not quite sure about his great-grandfather's beard, but reacted better than he did on Sunday when he initially met him., which was by crying. I don't think he's met very many people with extensive facial hair.

After our visit, Carynn and Ty were off to pick up Jamie and head to court to finalize the adoption. After the proceedings they took pictures with the judge. I'm looking forward to seeing those.

Oh Happy Day!