Monday, August 2, 2010

Nana goes to Camp- AMAZING!

Back in March I was asked by Craig Moore if I would help with our Stake YW Camp. He asked me to be 4th Level Leader. At the first meeting that I was invited to attend I decided on the spur of the moment to bring an AMAZING! sign that is a conversation bubble. So when I was introduced at the meeting I held the AMAZING! bubble sign over my head. That's kind of how the whole thing started. I ended up (with the help of Nikki) making AMAZING! signs for the other Level Leaders, some of the stake leaders and our level's leaders and youth camp leaders. Camp was an AMAZING experience. I got to work with the beautiful on the outside and inside women you see in the picture below-Jayne, Lara and Nikki. We called ourselves the Heartbelly Sneetchettes (our group used the Dr. Seuss book "The Sneetches" for its overall theme) and had a grand time! Thanks Darbi for making the shirts!

One night we had a meeting with our bishop. We all posed for this shot. Bishops' Night is also a Crazy Hair night, so make sure you look at some of those hair dos! I do not have Crazy hair this year, but have in previous years.

I got along well with everyone and nearly everything. I did have a fight with an inanimate object: the tent you see pictured below.Here's the back story:One of the other levels puts up the 4th Level tents as a service project as we're away the first night of camp. The girls put up the tent you see pictured, but....had leftover parts...Note to all: YOU DO NOT WANT TO HAVE LEFTOVER PARTS WHEN YOU PUT UP A TENT! (File that one away...) Anyway this tent was donated by some people at least 6 or 7 years ago-maybe longer and had definitely seen better days. Two of the ladies pictured above, Jayne and Lara, slept in the tent the first night, but as the tent was leaking and it was very hard to zip up and it had personality issues, they switched tents. We moved what I call the "bad tent" and used it for storage. I was trying to either get in or out of it one day (I can't remember which) and had issues with the zipper so I took scissors to it-the zipper was no longer a problem. I needed to blow off a little steam so I took on the rest of the tent too. You see me victorious below. This was one of those cases that I asked for forgiveness rather than permission. :) I did confess my "sin" and was promptly forgiven. The "bad tent" went to the dump.

Camp really was an AMAZING experience for me this year. I'm so thankful that I had the opportunity to spend 5 days with a dedicated group of women and young women. The growth we saw in our campers (as well as ourselves) was AMAZING! Getting the young women away from the distractions of their usual everyday lives helped them to focus on spirituality, individual worth and gain a greater appreciation for our beautiful world.

I felt that too.