Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Negligent Nana

Well, okay I'm not really negligent, just really busy! Ty and I still enjoy playing downstairs with the cars and trucks. Some of the cars have doors. We always pull them out and separate them from the cars that don't have doors. Ty loads up the shopping cart and pushes it down the hallway to the door and then sometimes back again or sometimes not. He occasionally detours to the ping pong table and grabs a ping pong paddle and ping pong ball and attempts to play. He likes to have his bag of "cookies" (cinnamon bagel crisps) near him when he gets the munchies. I still read Brown bear, Brown bear What Do You See to him. He also really enjoys Melinda's old See and Say toys. The one that makes animal sounds is his favorite. The Muppets counting one is a close second.

Carynn and Ty stopped by today. They'd been running errands in our area and we were a good place for a nap stop. :) Ty rode on Papa's lawn tractor and took a little walk. After his nap he and his mommy sat on our front steps while he enjoyed an orange sherbet push pop. Such are the joys of summer!


Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to Papa

We had quite a crew here yesterday (Sunday) to celebrate Michael's birthday. Michael's actual birthday (Friday) didn't work out since we were at the cabin, C & J were at the temple and Melinda had work. My mom is here visiting so she helped celebrate. Melinda and Landan came up after church and Bret had driven up by way of our house Saturday for a job interview in Seattle so we were just missing Lynette and Laura to have our family complete.

We gathered after a busy Sunday and enjoyed cheeseburgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob, chips and lemonade. Michael's favorite is devil's food cake with dark fudge frosting so that's what we had along with chocolate and vanilla ice cream.
Ty's favorite part of the celebration was when Michael opened up one of my gifts (a bag of bing cherries) and you could hear "Happy Birthday to You" from the little electronic chip that was attached to the closure. So what were we to do but to open it again so Ty could hear the song again. He'd look at the open bag and try to figure out where the sound was coming from (cue photo op for Carynn). I don't know that he could place where the sound originated but we obliged him by opening and closing the bag numerous times (to the groans of the rest of the family) so he could enjoy it.

Ty especially enjoyed the vanilla ice cream and kept saying "Peas" for more. I kept giving him just little bites more. After all he was being so polite. It's my job, right?

Have I said how much I enjoy being his Nana?


Eesheesh, bips and tookies

Does the above title confound you? Continue reading and I'll clue you in on the latest in "Ty speak."

Ty is wonderful about trying new words. His mouth might not be able to wrap itself around the phonetics of the word correctly, but he sure gives it a try. He's not above trying three syllable words-applesauce for example, but prefers to take them down to two syllables. By the way applesauce doesn't come out applesauce when he says it, but hey, even attempting it at 19 months I think is pretty fantastic.
So to get to the translation of the title:
Eesheesh is Jesus. Carynn noted that the Primary Nursery Leaders told her that Ty was the only one in Nursery who identified Jesus when they showed his picture. This could also be a reflection of how many times C & J have him out in the hallway looking at the pictures of Jesus during Sacrament Meeting. :)
Bips are chips as in potato chips and anything resembling potato chips
Tookies are cookies and also includes one of his favorite treats-cinnamon bagel crisps.
Truck is truck which is different from bye byes (cars). One of Ty's favorite things to do is to play with the small cars and trucks that we have downstairs.
Papa is Papa
Nana is Nana
Carynn says that when they're coming to our house as soon as they hit the hill he starts saying Papa and Nana nonstop (I love it!)
Mina is Melinda
Bet is Bret
Mama is Mama
Daddy is Daddy

Hope you're able to enjoy some bips and any tookies that come your way!


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Can I get an amen?

We went up to the cabin for part of Memorial Day weekend. Carynn, Jamie, and Ty beat us there by just a half an hour. Melinda and Landan came up later Sunday night. Memorial Day (Monday) after half a day of enjoying the lake Michael and I offered to take Ty home with us to spend the night since Jamie had also taken Tuesday off. C & J appreciated our willingness to take their little guy so we got ready and headed home.
We had an uneventful ride home and went downstairs to play with the toys. We lined up the little chairs from Melinda's old Little Tikes doll house and placed the dollhouse family on them. Right after we did that Ty folded his arms and said, "Amen." I didn't think a whole lot about it until later and then I wondered if the little people on the chairs reminded Ty of his Primary nursery class; so I decided to conduct an "experiment."

Tuesday morning before Jamie and Ty came to pick him up we were downstairs playing again. We lined the four little chairs up and sat the dolls on them and Ty did the exact same thing...he folded his arms and said, "Amen." So I think my surmise was right, we were playing Primary Nursery.

He sure is a bright litle guy.