Sunday, March 30, 2008

This Little Piggy/Happy 5 months!

Tomorrow Ty Michael will be 5 months old. WOW! It does seem just like yesterday that I was meeting him for the first time in Boise. It was definitely love at first sight for me. :) I am enjoying being a grandmother tremendously. Michael enjoys his role as grandfather (Papa) as well. He's so good with children, it's probably because he's still such a kid at heart himself!

So this little Piggy...
We popped by earlier this last week and Carynn said, "You have to see what happens when he's squirming around in his sleeper (or words to that effect)." So we peeked in and there was one little piggy (toe) only that he had managed to work outside of his sleeper. It was cute to see that very small "big" toe poking out between the snaps of his outfit.

I just viewed the updated Baby Central photos and videos. It's so much fun being around a baby again. I love it when he sees me and smiles!


Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Tie for Ty

Carynn and I had hoped to find an Easter outfit for Ty when we checked out Kohl's during their grand opening. Unfortunately there just wasn't anything in his size. So, since Carynn already had two collared shirts for him we determined (and I volunteered) to make him a tie to go with one or both of them. My goal was to have it done for Easter Sunday.

We checked out Hancock Fabrics and found three fabrics that could work. I borrowed a tie from one of my friends (thanks Jenna) to use as a pattern. One day Michael and I stopped by C & J's and Michael tied a strip of scrap material around Ty's neck (that was fun to watch) in the conventional Windsor knot. We figured out that from the knot to Ty's waist was 5". With those measurements to go on it was time to get creative.

I finished his first tie yesterday. I used velcro to fasten it which should be hidden by his collar. Since it's a one-of-a-kind tie I even signed it, (Love Nana 2008). It almost looks too little, but we tried it on him and it should work fine. I told Carynn that I'd love to post a picture of him wearing it for my blog, so stay tuned.

Happy Spring! Happy Easter!


Monday, March 17, 2008

Taking TYme out

This last Saturday Carynn and I, along with about 2000 women, participated in Time Out for Women. We drove with two of my friends and hooked up with a few more for lunch. Carynn was also pleased to see sisters from her ward and also an old friend from college days. It was powerful to be with so many women and especially to be with so many women of faith.

We had originally planned to bring Ty along since Time Out is an all day event. We knew between us (and our friends) that we'd have plenty of help if Ty got cranky, etc. Jamie had other plans though. He wanted Carynn to be able to experience the event without interruption so he gladly volunteered to give her a TYme out so she could attend Time Out.

Carynn checked in occasionally through the day and all went well. When we dropped her off Jamie reported that Ty rolled over from his belly to his back twice AND rolled over the first time from his back to his belly. He's a strong little guy!

Time Out for Women is such a worthwhile event. I highly recommend it. We didn't attend the Friday evening session, but if that's offered when they're back (in 2 years) I definitely want to do that too.

I'm taking some time out now. We're off to the cabin for a quick overnight.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sleepover and new Stats

It's been a busy week or so with meetings for church (ward conferences, New Beginnings, planning meetings for YW Camp and Youth Conference) so I'm a bit tardy with my blog entry.

On Friday, March 7, Carynn and Ty spent the night with us as Jamie and Michael (my hubby) were up at our cabin with a group of Scouts from Carynn and Jamie's ward. Melinda opted to stay home also (turning down an opportunity to hook up with some friends) and we had yummy chicken garlic pizza from Papa Murphy's and watched movies- chick flicks of course! Ty (as the lone male) was not intimidated at all by the chick flicks (I think that means he's going to do great with the ladies!)-he ate and then slept through them (Now that does sound like a man, doesn't it?). It was great having a girls (plus Ty) night in. Saturday morning Melinda had track practice, I helped clean the church building and Carynn and Ty got ready to go home. An enjoyable time was had by all. Postscript: The Scouts had fun too (and a similar menu on Friday night).

Today, Ty had his 4 month check-up and shots. His weight is 14lbs 3oz. His length is 25 1/2 inches. Which is pretty close to what he was at two months-The doctor thinks that the nurse was a little loosey goosey with the previous measurement. She also told Carynn and Jamie that the length measurement is usually the one with the most discrepancy. Ty's doing very well and the doctor okayed starting solids. Carynn's planning on introducing vegetables first.

Ty had another first today! He rolled over from his tummy to his back! I stopped by to see them after my hair appointment (it was time to get the gray covered) and while he (Ty) did not perform for me (as in roll over) he sure did some great smiles when he saw me.



Saturday, March 1, 2008

Flying Solo or Papa's Report

I have a "guest" writer for today's entry. I'm titling this posting Flying Solo because tonight Michael had the opportunity to watch Ty while Carynn and Jamie went to the Symphony. Carynn had asked me earlier in the week if we could watch Ty so they could use some tickets they had for the Symphony. I was happy (as always) to oblige but since Melinda and I would be at a church activity we couldn't babysit Ty. Well, Michael stepped up and said he'd like to watch Ty for the evening so here's his report:

6:30 PM Shanna's still home when Carynn and Ty arrive. Carynn gives detailed instructions and shows me how to "swaddle" Ty when laying him down for bed. She then leaves.
7:00 PM Shanna gets the bottle ready and we begin feeding. This takes some time as Ty needs to be burped, etc.
7:10 PM Shanna leaves for the church activity (Melinda had left earlier), so it's just me, Ty and the dog at home. I continue to feed him.
7:40 PM After feeding and burping Ty and playing with him (he's starting to grab at things now), I try putting him in the swing. He likes that for maybe 10 minutes, and then fusses.
7:50 PM I walk around with him for a few minutes. We walk through the family room, hallway and kitchen more than once. The dog follows us the whole time. Ty seems to like when I walk around with him.
8:00 ish He's starting to not be happy when I'm walking him which I know is an indication that he needs to be swaddled and put to bed. I do this.
8:15ish He fusses a little, but falls asleep.
8:30 PM-10:30 PM I check on him often to make sure he's breathing.
10:45 PM Carynn and Jamie come to take Ty home.
10:46 PM Shanna arrives back from the activity. She has time to talk to the kids and that's about all as they're just getting him ready to take home (he stayed asleep during the transfer between the bassinette and his carseat).

That's my report!

Well done, Michael! You did a fantastic job flying solo! (I knew he could do it, it'd just been a LONG time since he has done so.)