Monday, January 24, 2011

Another Birthday in January

It's between 4:30 and 5:00 AM Tuesday morning, January 24, 1978 and we're all set to go to the hospital. Michael put the camera on the tripod and set the timer so that he could be in the picture too. I'm feeling pretty miserable and did not really want my picture taken. I find out why I'm so miserable when we get to the hospital and learn after the examination that I'm already in transition.

My navy plaid coat's on the chair, and though I won't be able to button it since I'm so hugely pregnant, I'll still wear it on the ride to the hospital. It is January after all. We still have the afghan that's draped across the chair. It was a wedding gift. As a sign of the times note the blue shag carpet (not my choice, it was already in the house when we bought it), wrought iron and panelling.

Here's the newborn picture the hospital took of Lindsay. I can't remember if they did it the day she was born or the day after. I love those chubby cheeks. I think this picture makes her hair look lighter.

Michael did a photo session with Lindsay when she was a week and a half old. These would be the last pictures we have of her. I'm so glad that he took them. I still have the blue blanket and sleeper. I keep them in a little trunk along with her baby book, cards, funeral program and a dried pink rose from her casket spray. Reminders of her, of us, 33 years ago.

See also my posting titled "Reflections" February 2008.

Sweet eternal daughter you are loved and remembered.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

21 years ago today

Here I am on the monitor in the labor room the day our youngest child was born.
I'm feeling very uncomfortable.

Now, we're getting down to business. I'm moved to the delivery suite. Note the little bed waiting for our baby. At the time we didn't know if we were having a girl or a boy. Our baby was too modest during ultrasounds. :)

Welcome to the world Melinda Renee!
Here she is getting weighed and measured.

Look at her now! My, how she's grown.

You've grown into a beautiful woman inside and out.

Happy Birthday with love!

NS aka Mom

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

4 Generation Greats

So Ty and I were spending some time going through his digital photo album on iPhoto this afternoon. He had some favorites that he kept wanting to go back to over and over, but what he said when we looked at this 4 generation picture was, well . . . great!

I said, "Here you are with Great Grandpa, Mommy and Papa."

Here's what Ty said back to me, "That's Great Grandpa. That's Great Mommy. That's Great Papa and that's Great Ty!"

Out of the mouths of babes. I thought Ty was really accurate in his description.



Monday, January 3, 2011

Ethan is 4 months old!

Ethan turned 4 months old while he and his parents were visiting. He had his 4 month appointment today, January 3. Here are his stats:
Weight: 16.25 pounds (in the 71 percentile)
Height: 26.75 inches (in the 94 percentile)

His doctor thinks Ethan's eyes will stay blue. We'll see.
He had his shots too. All is well with the little guy.
Hip hip hooray!

It's Ethan Time!

Here are Ethan's parents, Bret and Laura.
But where is Ethan?

Here he is with Chris, Lynette's boyfriend.

Sometimes Ethan was with Nana

Sometimes Ethan was with Papa

Sometimes Ethan was with Nana AND Papa

Here he is with Uncle Jamie

Here he is with Aunt Lynette

He also spent some time with Aunt Melinda

And his Aunt Carynn couldn't wait to hold him too!

Ethan was a popular little guy at our house during his visit.
He didn't mind all the different arms that held him.
We're so glad that his mommy and daddy were
so willing to share him
with all of us.

I think he knows that he is loved, because he certainly is!


Saturday, January 1, 2011

All in a row, fruit snacks and departures

One of the blessings of having Christmas fall on a Saturday is that everyone was still here to go to church together on Sunday. I'll always carry in my mind the picture of us all in a row at church on December 26. It was a happy time.

As a funny aside to that...Ty was in good spirits and began passing out fruit snacks to family members sitting close to him. His exact words were, "Fruit snacks for you. Fruit snacks for you." And then very expansively, with arms outstretched and a bit too loud for church, "Fruit Snacks for everyone!"

Lynette, Chris and doggies left after church for the westside. They had no major travel issues and then headed to Chris' parents to retrieve Chris' dog, Max.

Melinda left Monday to fly down to California for a celebration honoring Landan's grandparents. She was able to connect with our neighbors and dear friends one evening while she was there. She'll get back just in time for school.

Bret, Laura and Ethan had their own late night adventure trying to fly out of Spokane on Wednesday. The weather was awful so we got them to the airport early, hoping that they could get on an earlier flight. They didn't make it on to the earlier flight which was good because that flight sat for at least 2 hours on the ground waiting to leave which wouldn't be a lot of fun, but definitely would have been ultra uncomfortable with a baby; even one as good-natured at Ethan.

The plane that Bret, Laura and Ethan were to take was 3 hours late getting to Spokane so that meant they were over 3 hours late departing. By the time they got back to Utah they had endured a marathon evening of waiting and hoping and then finally leaving Spokane. We're so glad that they got home safely.

What a difference a half hour makes! After dropping Bret, Laura and Ethan off Michael white-knuckled it to get home. Seriously, there had be an accident every 1/2 mile. Most of them were westbound I 90;we were going eastbound, thank goodness. It would have been difficult to have even gotten to the airport if we had left any later than we did. Besides the multiple car crashes there was a semi-tractor trailer that had jack knifed over all the westbound lanes right by our exit. It was crazy out there!

Stay safe in 2011!