Friday, November 21, 2008

So big!

With our church meeting schedule changing due to the size of Saltese Ward, we were done with church at 1:30 PM. We had arranged earlier to have a potluck dinner with C, J & T-going to their home since Ty would just be finishing up his nap. We were there around 3:15 and guess what? Ty hadn't napped, the 9 AM - 12 PM church schedule can be tough on little ones, so he was slightly wired, beyond tired. He was happy to see us though and played and talked and even danced a little to the music of his toys (he sways back and forth).

Carynn left for choir practice and Michael and I decided to stay a little longer. We're glad we did because Ty learned something new: So big! He was wandering around happy and I would say, "Ty's so big!" and raise my arms and then after a while he did it too. (One of the things I enjoy is when I'm the one that teaches him something new.) It was fun to watch and kind of poignant too because Ty IS getting so big. Walking, talking (or trying to talk). He's curious about so many things. He gives wonderful hugs and when he looks up at you it would melt your heart, if it wasn't already melted.

I was talking to Michael this morning about this time last year when we were getting ready for Bret and Laura's open house, Thanksgiving, family pictures and Ty was SO little. My what a difference a year makes.

We spent some time with Carynn and Ty yesterday, or I should say they spent some time with us. It was good to get a "fix" before they head off to Oregon to visit Jamie's family. We'll miss them for Thanksgiving, but are excited to have ALL of our children home for Christmas.

I have so many blessings. Even in this time of economic crisis, we have so much more that money cannot buy. An eternal family, what a blessing!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Clap on Blankey Boy

We just got back from our trip to Utah. I was excited to see Ty so I stopped by yesterday while out running errands. He had just gotten up from his nap. He quickly demonstrated some of his talents. These included: Clapping and laughing, giving kisses, and waving bye bye. He's been doing all of these things for a while, but not with the consistency that he is now.

Carynn mentioned that he's really good at putting away his toys. I witnessed that when they came over for dinner and Ty very carefully put his toys away. Good job Ty Michael!

Carynn also thinks he's teething. We'll have to see. He's up to 6 teeth now.

Ty's also turned into a blankey boy. We've always held up things to his cheek and said, "soft, soft," and he likes to do that with his blanket and snuggle with it. I like snuggling with him.



Thursday, November 6, 2008

Vital Stats

Ty Michael had his one year check up earlier this week. Here are his new vitals: 21 lbs and 30 inches tall. He's doing wonderfully. He showed the doctor how well he could walk and considering that he had three shots (ouch) he did very well. He doesn't have to go back until he's 15 months.

It's been an amazing year watching him grow and develop. I enjoy his personality. The other day when Michael and I were over to C & J's I read him a book and he liked that. He also did some snuggling. I love it when he sits on my lap and puts his head on my chest and gives me a love.

Ty enjoyed his birthday celebrations-both at his house with just the family on his special day and with a HUGE houseful at our home on the 1st. He enjoyed all of his gifts and caught on right away with what to do with his toys. Friday night he started out a bit tentative with his birthday cake and then got into it. Saturday night he REALLY enjoyed his cake. What a fun time!