Monday, November 23, 2009

"I'm Running." " I'm Okay."

I may have mentioned in a previous post (can't remember if I did for sure or not and too lazy to look) that when Carynn and Ty accompanied Jamie on a day long business trip they stopped along the way for Ty to stretch his legs. Well, he stretched them all right! They stopped at Lowe's and let him run through the aisles. Since then, Carynn tells me, Ty ALWAYS wants to run; especially when he's in a store. That doesn't always happen, but when it can, he enjoys it tremendously. I saw that the other day when they stopped by to see how Michael was doing (Michael had some outpatient sinus surgery). I met them outside as I was about to get the mail. Carynn called out to Ty-"On your mark, get set, go!" and he started running towards me. He called out as he ran, "Im running!"

When I had the mail safely gathered, Ty was ready to turn around and do the return trip back towards the house. He ran and fell. He didn't "bonk" his head, but landed with his hands out in front of him. His coat broke his fall too. What was cute/funny was that he called out "I'm Okay" immediately when he fell before Carynn and I could even ask him if he was okay. He didn't really cry but was a bit sad and did appreciate kisses on his hands to make the owies all better. Then it was time to go into the house and see how Papa was doing.

I'm okay too!

Love, NS

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Old Friends

I had the opportunity last week for a quick get-a-way. One of my friends, who lives in the Portland-Vancouver area, and I have been trying to have a good visit for nearly a year. That's how long she and her husband have been back from their three year church mission. We had seen each other briefly when I stopped to change planes in Portland, Oregon last winter which was nice, but not nearly long enough.

We used the occasion of their moving into their new (to them) home over the summer and needing some "help" fine tuning before the holidays as our "reason" for my visit. It was so wonderful to spend some time with her and to help her out a bit too. I've known their family for over twenty years and have been her friend for at least twenty years. Don't get me wrong, I did work my buns off (which they needed and still do-but that's another story) but it was so nice to jump right back in to that easy comradeship that we've always had.

I was also able to re-connect with another of my friends. I've known her nearly as long as my aforementioned friend. We stood at the bus stop together with our then kindergarteners. That particular kindergartener is now 25. My friend has had her share of trials and challenges. Her character is "true at all times" and though she does not share my faith, she has a strong sense of faith. This has helped her particularly over the past year with her mother's failing health. We had salsa with chips (always a favorite of mine) and spent a happy evening. She texted me after I got back home to let me know that her mother had finally passed away. I do not mean to be insensitive, but her mother had been in hospice care for eight months. I am sad for my friend, but grateful that her mother has finally completed her earthly test. I would say that my friend has definitely passed the test as well as she has remained a dutiful, caring daughter during this trying time.

I still remember the round we used to sing in Girl Scouts. It went, "Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold." I didn't learn the rest of the song until I was older, but I like it just as well. It goes, "A circle is round. It has no end. That's how long I want to be your friend."

Friends are a blessing, and we can be a blessing to our friends.


Chugga Chugga Choo Choo

As I've mentioned in previous posts, Ty remains facinated with planes, trains, automobiles, trucks, heavy equipment and earth movers. We had brought back an an old three piece wooden train set that the previous owners had left at the cabin. Michael sanded it where their dog (I'm assuming it was their dog) had gnawed on it at one time or another. We "debuted" it when Carynn and Ty came over for dinner last week. (Jamie was studying for this HUGE test he's taking next week.)

Immediately upon seeing it Ty dropped down to his knees, called out, "chugga chugga choo choo" and then the word "broken" -since the train doesn't have any couplers (yet) joining the three pieces together. We used two small, but not swallowable (is swallowable a word?)chain links as a stop gap to solve that problem. They were easy for Ty to take on and off, but they'll keep the pieces connected until Michael makes wooden couplers. He had fun guiding the train around the rug in the family room, calling out "chugga chugga choo choo" and taking them apart and putting them back together.

Isn't transportation wonderful?


Puzzle Time

Ty has enjoyed the puzzles that we've had for forever. Okay, not forever, but some of them date back to at least Melinda's tender years. It has been fun for me to observe how his manual dexterity has increased over time. At first, I would need to put the animals or objects into their correct places in the puzzle tray with Ty identifying them. Now the shoe, or the puzzle piece, is on the other foot.

Just yesterday, Ty brought the two wooden tray puzzles that we have into the kitchen and sat down with me. He dumped them both out at the same time and I held the bases while he deftly maneuvered the pieces into place. He would twirl the piece around and then "pop" it where it needed to go and then quickly move on to the next piece. Sometimes he, or I, would make the sounds associated with the puzzle piece whether it was an animal or some other object.

Puzzle time is fun!



Carynn had been working with Ty on acclimating him to his tiger costume for over a month. She had it hanging on the coat rack and would occasionally have him put it on and do a "dry run" for Halloween. Bright girl! :)

So now it is finally time for the big night after the birthday fun. (He really didn't want to stop playing with his toys at all!) Carynn popped him into his darling tiger costume. He looked SO cute. He had worn it for a longer time the night before when their ward from church had a "trunk or treat" in the church parking lot. As he'd been practicing saying "trick or treat" for a while (and also "thank you") the trunk or treat had been a successful adventure.

As we were sitting around waiting for the right time to take Ty around the neighborhood we tried to coax him into leaving his tiger "hood" up. He would have none of that though as he still was playing with his toys. When it became evident that it was nearly time to go, he finally allowed his mom to pull up his hood and then the cute little tiger (with the cute little tail) was ready for doorbell ringing and treat receiving.

Just around this time, unbenownst to anyone, Michael had slipped out the sliding door and had snuck around to the front door. We had all been wondering when the first trick-or-treater would make their appearance, but we were all VERY surprized when Jamie opened the front door and their was Michael on his knees, saying sweetly, "Trick-or-treat!" We all had a hearty laugh at that one. And then it was time for Ty and his entourage to go hit the neighborhood for sweets.

I had volunteered to stay home and handle the trick-or-treaters that came to C. & J.'s, but the others headed out with cameras and coats and the adorable tiger. They weren't gone very long, because Ty is only 2 and he doesn't need a ton of treats. So it was probably less than thirty minutes before they were back and Ty was ringing his own doorbell. He was so cute. After his treat from me he closed the door with him (and everyone else) still on the outside. He also did that for some of the neighbors too after they gave him his treat. He was polite-saying "trick-or-treat" and "thank you," but after the pleasantries were over at each place, he was ready to move on.

His parents didn't allow him very much candy and he went to bed not too long past his normal bedtime. The rest of us enjoyed watching movies downstairs.

Halloween this year was so much fun! It included a "trick" (Michael's antics at their front door) and plenty of "treats" (family fun and candy too)!


Ty's Birthday

Notice that there are two separate postings. One is for Ty's birthday the other for Halloween. I did that because that's how we celebrated it. I was very pleased that Carynn and Jamie decided to commemorate Ty's birthday BEFORE we all got into the Halloween festivities. :)

C. and J. opted to NOT have a birthday party for Ty this year. He had a HUGE 1st birthday party so I was personally glad that they decided that as I don't think a child (any child) needs a huge party every birthday. It was just family this year and though their siblings were invited it ended up just being those of us that lived in town.

We started off with a "Ty friendly dinner"- pizza. That was followed by a birthday cake decorated as a car-including oreos for tires since some of Ty's favorite things have continued to be planes, trains and automobiles.

It was so fun watching Ty "catch of vision" of opening birthday presents. The first one that he opened was a seek-and-find book Michael and I had gotten for him centered around the movie "Cars" which is also one of his current favorites. He was so excited that he started shaking and then he didn't want to give the book up so he could open something else. I think the next thing he opened was a Tonka ambulance, complete with noise, from Auntie Melinda and her new husband, Landan. Talk about an instant favorite! He didn't want to put that one down either, but by this time he "got it" - that the bags and boxes wrapped in bright paper were for HIM. It was fun to watch him and Carynn and Jamie too as he opened his gifts.

He had practiced blowing out candles at our house since I often have scented candles burning, so he had that down pat. We all enjoyed the cake and ice cream and then adjourned to C. and J's living room so that Ty could play with his new toys before it was time to get him into his costume for the rest of the night.

It was a fun birthday for all!