Friday, June 22, 2012

Catching Up With Life

It's been a while since I've posted.

To recap what's been going on in my life/our lives since my last post:

April  We made our way home via Salt Lake City (and our Miller Trio). We really enjoyed the new City Creek Mall and ate at the very yummy Cheesecake Factory. Ethan loved it too!
     We also stopped by some bird refuges and sanctuaries. We saw some darling baby birds. One duck like bird species-grebes- let their chicks hitch rides on their backs. They are well camouflaged so they're kind of hard to spot unless you look for a grebe that isn't diving and looking for food. That would be the one with the chicks on its back.
Strolling and rolling (Ethan, that is) at City Creek Mall

Papa with Ethan at the City Creek Mall

Ethan enjoyed The Cheesecake Factory too!


My mom turned 80 in May. I surprised her by
showing up for her birthday!
While in the Yakima area I stopped by the
cemetery and left flowers for Lindsay
and Lynette. I cried.

While Carynn and Jamie were out of town we took care of Ty. We had a wonderful time and one of the things that we did was to attend his pre-school graduation. The theme was pirates. Carynn had rounded up a cute costume for their little pirate, including a hook. 

Ty, far right on the first row, with this year's pre-school class. 

                               Also in May Michael and I celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary.

Can you see our house on top of the hill?

We're selling our Liberty Lake home. We have had 2 showings  so far;
one in late May, one in June.


Michael celebrated his 59th birthday. Here he is at Carynn and Jamie's with Ty, his Dad (who's in town for the summer) and one of his gifts. Yes, that is a watermelon. :)

You can fill in the blanks for a lot of the rest. We are encouraged that Michael's health seems to be on the upswing. We are still grieving the loss of our Lynette. We still laugh, smile, and live.

Here's to Summer!


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