Friday, July 27, 2012

Christmas in July

This year we finally were able to schedule a family vacation where we could all be together. A few weeks before vacation a light bulb went off in my head that we should do Christmas in July since Landan won't be able to be home for Christmas (again) and Bret, Laura and Ethan will not be able to travel as he won't be able to take time off during the holidays with his new job. Michael and the children were great with the idea so Christmas in July was born. Here are some pictures.
The stockings were hung on the window sill with care. Sunflowers on the table were courtesy of Melinda and Landan as a visible reminder of Lynette. Flower arranging and place mat placement courtesy of Carynn.

Carynn, Bret and Melinda did a bit of the "Crazy Christmas Dancing" that they (and Lynette) are known for to the old Amy Grant Christmas tape that we've used for years. Yes, I know they could have pulled it up from the internet, but since I brought it, why not use it, right? We love you Lynette and miss you so much. You were with us in spirit.
We used Lynette's ornaments to decorate the tree (complete with lights) that I had brought from home.
Carynn's turn to put the angel on the top.


"Christmas morning" it was time to open the presents (or as Lynette would say-prizes) and check out what was in the stockings. A smiling Landan and Melinda open their gifts. (Check out the plate on the coffee table-Yes, we had our traditional ham, potato rolls and orange juice too!)
I snapped the picture below and just about everyone in it is (or seems to be) in motion. That's what our time together was- motion and emotion.

More on our vacation in another post.

 Merry Christmas in July to all!

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